The new year is always full of inclinations to make major changes. If you’ve been taking some time to assess your surroundings—people and things—maybe you’ve finally arrived at how you plan to show up in 2022. For sure, many people are back in the gym and trying out new lifestyle changes but those long-term changes need a few months to truly settle in. If you’re looking for an easy and more immediate shift, the answer could be in your closet. A look switch up can be a nice way to signal an external change in a short amount of time and may give you a nice “all things new” boost. If you’re feeling stale and stagnant about your style, taking inspiration from around the web can be super helpful. Though we can sometimes turn our noses up at our generations love of documenting things via pictures, social media apps like Instagram and Pinterest can be a perfect way to start to map out a signature style that makes you feel confident in how you show up in the world. 

So, if you’re ready to push reset on your fashions in 2022, here are some ladies on IG who can provide some dope inspo.

Jourdana Elizabeth- @JourdanaElizabeth

If you’re looking for a minimalistic and mostly monochromatic wardrobe refresh, Jourdana can definitely get you moving in the right direction. 

Charity Ward- @charity 

This singer/songwriter has an eclectic style that is full of color, soulful and on trend without being “trendy”. If you want a more bold and audacious change to your closet, Charity can be a great model. 

Ty Lauren- @tylauren

This beauty influencer is also known to turn a look. Whether you want to command attention dressed up or down, Ty’s effortlessly chic style is one to watch. 

Ellie Delphine- @slipintostyle 

Whether she’s mixing prints or serving designer fashions, Ellie is always giving a moment. A true style chick, she is unafraid to step out of the box and do something daring with her clothes. If you’re wanting to shape your style into one that breaks the mold, follow her lead. 

Signed, Blake- @signedblake

Blake has been on the scene for some time now and she has yet to take her Bottega Veneta off of our necks. From head to toe, she embodies a fierce and dynamic style through mixing feminine and masculine fashion to perfection. If it’s time for you to stand in your power through your clothes, give her a follow.