Most Black women will experience hair shedding at some point in their lives. But, too many believe their thinning edges are gone for good. Thankfully, hair wellness has come a long way. Women have more options than ever to support healthy growth without expensive treatments or procedures.

Nutrafol, your partner in hair wellness from within, has designed physician-formulated natural supplements to target the root cause of hair thinning in women and promote faster-growing and visibly thicker, fuller, stronger hair. Nutrafol is made with a proprietary blend of natural, drug-free and clinically effective ingredients delivered in medical-grade doses for maximum efficacy. With most women showing results in the first three to six months, Nutrafol is designed to strengthen hair from within and create lasting results in your confidence.

According to Dr. Chesanah Kindred, a renowned board-certified dermatologist, women can experience hair thinning for a variety of reasons. Many Black women experience it because of genes or the mechanical tension from certain hairstyles such as chronic or tight ponytails, braids and weaves. Loss of edges may also be caused by hormonal triggers of hair [shedding] like DHT.”

Because there can be many root causes, Dr. Kindred emphasizes how challenging it is for women to identify why their hair is thinning and take action as early as possible. As a first step, she recommends speaking with a dermatologist who can help get to the root of what is behind the hair thinning. A daily supplement of four Nutrafol pills with food can also effectively support a woman’s hair health. With a powerful combination of natural ingredients designed to target the root causes of hair thinning including stress, lifestyle and nutrition, Nutrafol helps hair grow even stronger with its unique, multi-targeted approach to address thinning hair.

“As a dermatologist that specializes in hair health, it is critical that I recommend products that produce consistent results regardless of gender or race. Nutrafol is my go-to supplement for hair thinning because its high-quality evidence-based ingredients yield superior results,” says Dr. Kindred. In a six-month clinical trial, an evaluating dermatologist found 80% of participants saw better hair growth and thicker hair after taking Nutrafol. With three unique blends to support women’s hair growth as early as age 18—as well as individualized formulas to support women throughout postpartum and menopause—each of Nutrafol’s supplements is formulated with hormone-supportive ingredients tailored to specific life stages and lifestyles, such as saw palmetto, ashwaganda and collagen.

Feeling insecure over thinning hair or shedding edges can become a worry of the past with dermatologist-approved supplements for visibly thicker, fuller, stronger hair. Bring back your most confident, powerful self by nourishing your hair wellness with Nutrafol and join the thousands of women who are reclaiming their growth potential.

This article is brought to you in partnership with Nutrafol.