Seasonal depression sufferers rejoice! Daylight savings time is right around the corner. This weekend our clocks will spring forward bringing on more hours of sunlight and, hopefully, a change in our collective moods. Sun is such an important component to our overall health that having more of it in our daily lives can create exponential opportunity for us to try new things, make new connections and use our boosted serotonin levels to attract all types of good vibes. Though the old adage of “losing an hour” can sometimes carry a negative connotation, this particular change in the clocks is full of positivity. 

Here are some ways to make this time change work for you. 

Wake up earlier. 

I know this may seem counterproductive but with the sun rising earlier, it’s a great time to create an earlier wakeup routine that allows you to maximize the extra hours of daylight we have now. The change can be as small as a half hour but you’re guaranteed to see some major differences in your productivity, ability to ease into your day and even your energy levels. 

Get outside. 

Along with more sunlight comes warmer temperatures and this is great opportunity to spend some quality time in nature. Spring for a remote work day at a park or choose the outside table at your favorite coffee spot. Meet up with friends at a farmers market or spend the day at a nursery and bring home a new plant for your home. The key is to give your body as much Vitamin D as possible. 

Clean your space. 

Daylight savings welcomes Spring and the season calls for making room for new things. As we all defrost from the winter, there may be things we no longer need anymore. Just like we shed layers and burn off pounds, we should take some time to get rid of the things that no longer bring us joy in our space. More than the good or bad feelings we get from them, they may not support the person we want to present to the world now. It’s ok to use this time change as a guide for changes in your life. 

Dedicate an extra hour to self-care. 

Self-care has become all the rage lately but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t actually be at the top of our lists. With an uptick in our moods and a stabilization of our emotions, we should still be taking extra good care of ourselves inside and out. Whether your self-care looks like extra time in the gym, making delicious desserts for yourself and friends or being more detailed with your skincare routine, let this be the catalyst for paying more attention to you and your needs. 

Push for more remote work hours.

As we are all still trying to get a grasp of what the workforce will look like moving forward, many companies have seen the real benefits of letting their employees work from home. With two years of a global pandemic under our belts, creating a healthy and balanced workplace is of grave importance for many employers. Advocating for remote work hours can truly help you be more productive as well as give you much needed time to come up with creative ideas that move your company forward. 

Use your PTO. 

When all else fails—call off, sis. Many of us rack up dozens of PTO hours that go unused year after year. With the sun out and the happy hours plentiful, now is a good time to check in with your vacation days and take advantage of them. That job will be just fine without you for a few days.