Work-related stress can take its toll on you emotionally and physically. Physical signs of burnout can include headaches, changes in appetite, fatigue, and frequent illnesses. A sabbatical is one solution to career burnout, but once it’s time to return to work, it can be a process to get back on your feet and get back into the 9-to-5 hustle. Here’s how to get back to work after burnout.  

Be Flexible With Your Routine

You’ve taken time off either voluntarily or out of necessity because of feelings of burnout. Now that you are back, it might be tempting to return to the same routine. However, instead of falling back into old patterns, take time to reassess which parts of your work routine should stay and which should go. Perhaps, keep your afternoon coffee break or walk, but cut the patterns of logging off late at night and working through your lunch break.

Incorporate Mindfulness

Practicing mindfulness has proven to reduce stress, anxiety, and feelings of burnout. Adopting a mindfulness meditation practice can help you refocus on your breath and your body. This is especially helpful as you return to work after a cycle of burnout, where anxious thoughts previously might have consumed your mind.

Get Outside Frequently

One tool to fight burnout is to practice being present with your surroundings. A great way to do this is by getting outside in nature. This might look like a daily walk outside before or after work. It might mean going for a bike ride in the afternoon or eating your lunch outside. Soaking up the sunshine and getting some Vitamin D is good for your mental and physical health.

Create a Support System

If you have just returned to work after experiencing burnout, one tool to have in your arsenal is a strong support system. Perhaps, this is a friend or a peer support group of coworkers who have dealt with burnout as well. Perhaps, this is a mental health support or an employee resource group that focuses on work-life balance. Having a support system is key to recovering from burnout and building tools to move forward.

Show Yourself Grace

Last but certainly not least, show yourself extra love and kindness. Burnout can affect both your physical health and mental health. Rebounding from a season of burnout might take more time than you expect. Show yourself grace and know that it’s ok to not be ok.