Actress and former member of The Omg Girlz, Reginae Carter lands a leading role in the sports drama “Boxed In”.

The 23-year-old budding actress has started in three other films to date but her role in “Boxed In” is her first leading role.  The sports drama follows Ria, a young woman who is following her dream of being a professional female boxer despite her parent’s disapproval. Streaming exclusively via Peacock on Nov. 3.


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“On the surface, ‘Boxed In’ seems to be about boxing and fighting for the right to express a side of you that people say is wrong. And it is about that, but at its core, it’s about family, ” says the film’s director Ariel Julia Hairston shares in a statement.”There’s a heartwarming element to it that we hope audiences really enjoy. Because at the end of the day, you may not relate to boxing, but you can relate to how important it is to remain close to the people you love.

As the daughter of rap legend, Lil Wayne, Reginae has had to prove to many that her success is not just because of her father’s name.

“I feel like a lot of people feel like celebrity kids don’t have to work for what they want; they just got it, and really no because if that’s the case, I would be on every movie you see, ” she says in an interview with “I would be on every TV show you see. It’s not like  that, especially in this acting world.”

The cast of the film includes Clifton Powell, Zane Copeland, Sean Freeman, and Ernestine Johnson.  With  J. Carter and  LaShon Carter as producers.

“This role will be Reginae Carter’s breakout role and will have people seeing her in a brand new light,” says producer J. Carter.