Five years ago today, the world of live performances was changed forever. Beyoncé’s groundbreaking Coachella performance gave fans a look at the singer in a way they never had before.

On this day in 2018, Beyoncé headlined Coachella, the annual music festival held in California. She was supposed to perform the year prior but due to concerns about her pregnancy, the music-mogul had to cancel. True Beyoncé fans know that she never gives a mediocre performance but this one extraoridinary. The show was a stunning display of talent, artistry, and cultural significance.


Photo credit: Kevin Mazur

The performance, also referred to as “Beychella” by fans, included a two-hour set that highlighted Black culture; more specifically, HBCU culture. She featured a marching band, drumline, step team, and a diverse cast of dancers and musicians. Beyonce wore a custom Balmain outfit with the logo of her fictional greek organization on the front. At a point in the performance she even brought out a line of “interests” for the organization whom she commanded to entertain her during a break on stage.

Friend and Family Affair

Not only did she highlight HBCU culture but she also brought out some friends and family. Former Destiny’s Child bandmates, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Bey on stage for a medley of their hits. Her sister Solange hit the stage for a fun dance break. Of course, husband and fellow superstar Jay-Z couldn’t be left out of the mix. He joined Beyoncé on stage to perform their duet “Déjà Vu.”

Photo credit: Kevin Mazur

Record Breaking Moment

The performance broke several records. For starters, she was the first Black woman to headline the festival. Additionally, it was the festival’s most-viewed performance to date and the most viewed live-streamed performance of all time. The entire performance received 41 million total viewers from around the world, 75 percent more than the previous year.

Post Coachella

Once the dust settled on the Coachella grounds, the singer got to work making sure her fans would never forget that special moment. A year later Beyonce released “Homecoming” on Netflix documenting the hard work and artistry it took to make the show happen. The documentary was written, executive produced and directed by Beyoncé herself. The film won Best Music Documentary at the IDA Documentary Awards 2019 and Best Music Film at the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards. That Grammy win made her the first individual African-American female artist to win since Janet Jackson in 1989. According to Netflix, “Homecoming” was the fourth most popular documentary offered on the platform in 2019, being the only concert film to appear on the list.

This year, fans are looking forward to Frank Ocean taking the headliner position. Similar to Beyoncé’s performance, Frank’s original performance was canceled. He was scheduled to perform in 2020 but the pandemic had other plans. Now, back on the 2023 lineup, fans are expecting a remarkable show as the singer has not performed live since 2017.