“Style is not about size, it’s about attitude,” that's what designer Renee Greenstein, a 23-year vet at QVC, always says. 

Renee Greenstein is the founder and designer of Women With Control® and Attitudes by Renée®, two top-selling fashion lines featured on QVC USA and UK. Renee Greenstein is one of the first Jewish Women of Color to join QVC and both of her collections are a reflection of her flair, genuine playfulness, and compelling life experiences.

Renee Greenstein's path to QVC has been an unconventional road, one could say. Her life has been a series of interwoven stories beginning with being a Black Jewish woman who attended an all-white catholic college and fell in love with theology. She absorbed herself into the many facets of religion and wanting to know more through the understanding of different beliefs. However, there was always something driving her soul to another path and she took that path in 1969 when she headed to the big city lights of New York City where her goal was to seek a job in a coveted fashion house.  

Renee left college in her freshman year to head to NYC where she found a job as a fit model. While not tall, she had legs for miles. It was there that she understood that she had a gift. She not only had a knack for sales, but she also had an understanding of finding the right fit, and how the industry left an entire sector of women out of fashion. 

Eventually, Renee grew tired of the scene and felt she could create her own line, however, she had zero training in the cut and sew world. However, she had a vision. This was a time when women were not as prevalent in the "rag trade" as they are today, so taking a leap of faith and finding a backer who would take her vision and create it would be daunting — but she knew that. She contacted a buyer at Marshall's and simply asked how one could create a line. After many meetings, tons of helpful advice, and a stint at a manufacturing facility, she did just that. Her first line, CitiKnits was born. Shortly after, QVC called, so off she went and in the first TSV her line sold out.

Renee knew she wanted to create a line that encompassed all women. She wanted to get away from uncomfortable body shapers that women dreaded wearing and came across a matte fabric that is 14% spandex, did not shine, and allowed women the look that keeps you in without all the extra clothing. It was the first yoga pant that allowed her fans to go to work during the day, and with the switch of a shirt, and accessories,  were out the door for an evening with the girls. She not only wanted women to look fabulous but to feel fabulous. With that,  Attitudes by Renée® and Women With Control® were born.

Women With Control® and Attitudes by Renée® are made for all women, ranging in size from XXS to 5XL. There's also no up-charge for larger sizes. If she had learned one thing from the first go-round, it was that this was her line and she was going to manufacture it as well. " If you feel good, then you will look good," Renee says, and her legions of followers know and understand that the quality of her line comes from her inspirations at home and in her travels.