A report has revealed that Black women die at a higher rate from breast cancer. This is another grim development as far as healthcare disparity goes.

American Cancer Society Update

In a recent report by the American Cancer Society (ACS), the death rate for Black women who have breast cancer in the United States is significantly higher than that of White women across the United States. Although the report showed that the last ten years had seen a decline or stability in death rates for women of other races, Black women were much more likely to die from the ailment. Although the result showed that Black women have lower chances of contracting breast cancer, the report shows that when they do, they are more likely to lose their lives from it.

Photo Credit: Nadezhda Moryak

According to the American Cancer Society, the risk of breast cancer doubles in cases of women who have not yet birthed, or who gave birth to their first child after age 30. The report also stated that having multiple pregnancies, or getting pregnant before 30 can reduces a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer later in life.

The Role Of Disparity

A major reason why many women of color are not surviving breast cancer, according to the study, is because many of them do not have adequate access to top-quality healthcare. Cancer screening is not readily available to many Black women, and even when it is, they are not receiving  it in a timely manner after their diagnosis. Authors of the study indicated that getting rid of racial disparity, especially in healthcare could lessen the death rate. The report stated that women can help lower their risk for developing breast cancer by working out regularly, maintaining a healthy body weight, and reducing the intake of alcohol. It is also important to check in with the doctor often, the report says. Sticking to a consistent mammogram routine and following up about results is very important.