Those probing parenthood questions about “the next thing” in your life can be hard at times. It’s especially worse when it is consistent. While it’s easy to roll your eyes and give some witty response, there’s always a way to make these conversations short and succinct. 

Parenthood is a gift, but it should not be something you’re pressured into or made to feel guilty about. Here’s five ways to respond to those pesky parenthood questions. 

Keep It Simple

It’s always good to keep the responses plain and simple. Fertility and reproductive health can be incredibly personal and painful topics. While most people mean no ill intent, it’s OK to shut down this conversation. Don’t feel the need to apologize or make excuses.

Change The Topic

Changing the subject is a power move when it comes to navigating delicate parenthood questions. People love to talk about themselves. Switch the conversation to focus on the other person and what they’ve got going on. 

Share Something Else About Yourself

There’s so much more to the fabric of who you are than whether or not you have or will have kids. Share other important and equally interesting things that are going on in your life. This pivot allows you to still share about your life, but you dictate where to put the focus and what you are comfortable with sharing.

Make a Joke

There’s always truth in jest. The best way to handle these parenthood questions may be with humor. If you really don’t know when you will have kids or your next kid, tell the other person that it’s in God’s hands and leave it at that.

Set a Time to Discuss It

If you want to dive deeper into this topic with someone, feel free to set a designated time to speak. Talking about infertility and the journey to parenthood is brave and not easy. Only open up in settings and with people who you are comfortable with. Remember that you do not have to share anything you don’t want to.