There’s nothing better than having a relaxing shower or bath with the right products that allow you to settle into the mood of self care, but it’s also important to remember the real purpose of an enhanced shower or bath experience: to get that skin fresh and clean!

Here’s four products that we suggest you incorporate into your shower or bath routine, to ensure that you’re doing your skin justice and revealing a radiance that lasts long beyond shower time!

Dove’s Beauty Bar is the number one bar soap that dermatologists trust for use at home! It can not only cleanse the face and body, but it can also be used for shaving. And is known to impart long-lasting moisture, while still being gentle on skin. 

If you didn’t know, Dove’s Beauty Bar is available in a variety of choices which target a range of skincare concerns. Looking for a bar to address sensitive skin? Dove has that! Looking for a gentle exfoliating bar? They’ve got that too! Or looking for a bar perfectly formulated for the harsh winter months? Dove is your go-to!

OSEA’S Undaria Algae Body Polish promises to provide “ultimate exfoliation” while soothing and relaxing your senses. It features lychee seed, undaria seaweed and volcanic pumice, which work to effectively buff away dead skin cells. It also features cannabis sativa and kukui seed oils to hydrate, revealing “your softest skin ever.” 

A 12 ounce bottle is currently available for $48.

OUAI’s Sugar Scalp And Body Exfoliating Scrub is the perfect blend of sugar and coconut oil which cuts through build-up to cleanse the scalp and body. It features a foaming formula which softens skin and balances its moisture level. And it’s gentle enough to be used on a weekly basis. 

This product is available at a price point of $38.

OffCourt’s Exfoliating Body Soap cleanses, exfoliates, hydrates, and nourishes skin! It’s formulated to keep up with those who live an active lifestyle, so its “rich-lathering, medium grit formula” works to remove dead skin, bacteria and sweat, while replenishing nutrients to keep the skin looking healthy and feeling fresh. 

It features the brand’s signature scent, coconut and sandalwood, which is just a plus for relaxing shower, or bath experience. And the product is currently available at a price point of $8.50.

Medicube’s Red Body Wash is the perfect body wash for tackling body acne, keratosis pilaris, flaky skin and more! It’s gentle, features a low pH, and is made with nature-derived ingredients blended with niacinamide, salicylic acid and hyaluronic acid. 

It’s free from 26 “common irritating ingredients” and promises to leave behind fresh, glowing skin. It’s currently available at a price point of $35.