Rice water has long been a key ingredient in the haircare traditions of Asian communities around the world. Now, it’s garnering thousands of searches and tags across social media. Beauty vloggers and celebs like Cardi B have openly invluded the product in their hair care regimen. Using rice water has become a popular trend within the haircare world, whether homemade or store-bought. Some dermatologists say that there isn’t enough research out there to determine the preventative and beneficial qualities of rice water; however, ancient traditions and several success stories say otherwise. Here’s why and how people are using rice water for hair growth. 

What Is Rice Water?

The liquid that comes off of rice when you soak or boil it is what’s been causing all the craze. It’s being infused with oils and other ingredients to create conditioners and masks for a variety of hair textures. While hair starts off as genetic, there are ways that we can boost its shine, performance and growth– that’s where rice water comes in. Containing amino acids that promote hair growth, rice water also contains vitamins C, B, and E. These vitamins strengthen the hair shaft, influencing hair growth as well. The stronger the shaft, the longer the hair can grow.

How Does Rice Water Promote Hair Growth?

When amino acids string together, they create the protein that strengthens the hair shaft, allowing it to thrive and grow. Hair care specialists have also mentioned that rice water contains inositol. Like amino acids, inositol is also found in the human body, and, in rice water, reduces testosterone. Not only does inositol balance hormones and reduce thinning, it prevents shedding impacting not only the hair shaft, but the health of the scalp. Rice water not only targets the source of hair growth in cleansing and stimulating your crown, but promotes growth by strengthening the actual follicle as well. Now that you know its hair growth qualities, here are some products to consider incorporating into your wash day. 

Hair Products That Contain Rice Water

Trends like using rice water for hair maintenance gain popularity because they increase access to quality products without having to go to the salon. Ingredients that are accessible to us via the local grocery or health food store make it easy to treat ourselves especially if we’re our hair’s sole caretaker. So, if we can do it without breaking the bank, even better. A range of companies provide follicle energizers, nourishing shampoos and deep conditioners that contain rice water. Most recently causing a frenzy across the internet is Beyonce’s Cécred hair care line. The Fermented Rose & Rice Ritual defends hair breakage, influencing hair growth and is suggested for use every four to six weeks. With rice water being the buzzing hair care ingredient these days, it’s a tempting try. You can start with products at your local drugstore or dive all the way in with a Cécred Super Fan bundle.