Hey boo, how you feeling? This time of year can bring up a lot of emotions for those of us who are riding solo these days. With all the relationship reveals, proposal announcements and baecation pics, it can take a little work to remember that you are special—with or without someone by your side. Instead of spending the love weekend focused on what you don’t have, spend the time pouring some love into yourself. The relationship we cultivate with ourselves when we are single is so important to how we are able to show up in romantic relationships when they arrive. It’s a great time to get clear on how you like to be treated, what you desire from someone else and learning to love yourself in the language that most makes you feel good. So, this coming Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to get to work on romancing your life. 

Need some ideas on how to shower yourself with affection? We got you covered. 

Book a night in a hotel. 

Maybe traveling alone isn’t for you right now but a night in a hotel can make you feel just as refreshed and romanced. Spring for a suite and really set the mood right for yourself. Bring along some face masks and sexy pjs for an extra cherry on top. 

Have dinner at your favorite restaurant. 

We all have places in our respective cities that we absolutely love getting dressed up and going to for dinner. Spring for an early reservation so that you can avoid the onslaught of couples, in case that may make you feel a way, and grab your favorite entree + cocktail combo. Bonus points for ordering something you’ve always wanted to try. 

Go exploring. 

If sitting in a restaurant or hotel alone isn’t your cup of tea, plan yourself a little adventure in your city. Choose 3-5 places you’ve always wanted to check out and use this weekend to explore them. You may find yourself in the company of other people with similar interests and may even meet someone new. 

Head to a local farmers market for fresh flowers. 

Flowers are a great way to bring some light to your day. Farmers markets usually offer a wide range of flowers that you can buy in large quantities and fill your house up with. Surrounding yourself with beauty will mirror the beauty you have on the inside. 

Have a photoshoot in sexy lingerie. 

It may seem counterproductive to take sexy pictures when you’re single but it is so important that we remember to connect with this side of ourselves when we are spending most of our time alone. Going through the process of waxing, doing your hair, oiling your body, putting on makeup and slipping into something lace or silk will immediately remind you of the goddess you are. 

Book a last minute weekend getaway and stay unplugged. 

Getting out of town and heading to some fresh air (or sun for those in cold climates) can be a perfect way to pour some light into your life. Put your phone on DND and delete your social media apps for the weekend. Give yourself your full and undivided attention. 

Buy some new sex toys and give them a spin. 

Pleasure is our birthright and you don’t need a partner to experience it. If you want to make your weekend spicy, try out some of the most popular sex toys and make your own toes curl!