Black Women Talk Tech launched “Roadmap To Billions,” which is an initiative that provides guidance, resources and networking opportunities to Black women entrepreneurs. The annual event kicked off on May 18 at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, where 1500 tech founders, investors and professionals educate Black women to become successful bosses. Esosa Ighodaro, the founder of the event, wants to inspire and assist Black women business owners who are striving to build their businesses.

Obstacles that Black Women in the Tech Industry Face 

Photo credit: Christina Morillo

Ighodaro witnessed inequality among Black women in start-up sectors. This realization fueled her inspiration for the “Roadmap to Billions” campaign. In a recent interview with Shoppe Black, she said that Black women are “underrepresented” in the tech world. 

The tech mogul revealed that Black women face discrimination and racial biases, which hinders their funding chances for their businesses. She believes that “Roadmap To Billions” will help combat those prejudices placed on Black women. She also said that she believes it will create a community. Ighodaro’s goal is to grant Black women with the resources to advance their businesses and reach “billion-dollar valuations.” 

“Roadmap To Billions” Takes Black Women’s Businesses to the Next Level 

Roadmap To Billions
Photo credit: Christina Morillo

Ighodaro believes the conference, which is in its seventh year, will empower Black women to amplify their voices. Participants have a chance to win $20,000 in cash prizes and network with experts in the tech industry. The event will have various mixers with tech giants and inspiring mentors.

She also revealed the event will make its debut in London and Toronto. Ighodaro intends to reach “international collaboration” and promote diversity within various regions. Aside from technology, the entrepreneur plans to include environmental issues within her conference. She intends to create conversations about “climate change and sustainability.” 

She advises prospective attendees of “Roadmap To Billions” to study, network with key speakers and gather information to obtain a promising entrepreneurial journey,