Robin Roberts and Amber Laign’s 18-year-old love story wouldn’t have started at all if their friends hadn’t ensured they went on a blind date. Roberts, who is a revered journalist and the co-anchor of “Good Morning America,” and her soon-to-be-wife, Laign, had both cancelled on each other many times before their friends set up their first date. While speaking with “Good Morning America,” Laign shared that she’d found Roberts beautiful when their first meeting eventually happened.

“I remember just walking up and she’s just beautiful, and she took my breath away, and she still does,” Laign said.

The pair have been an item ever since, with a marriage on the way. At the end of 2022, they both decided that marriage was the next step for them. The engagement was a casual affair that took place at their favorite restaurant in Connecticut.

“We took the calamari rings and we slapped them on each other’s fingers and we just we proposed to one another,” Roberts said of that moment. “Now looking back, it was pretty fitting for us to not have a down on one knee [proposal] and one person doing it and who was going to propose. It was just us hanging out in our little hole-in-the-wall Mexican spot and putting calamari rings on each other and saying, ‘Let’s go. Let’s do it.'”

A Triumphant Love Story

Roberts and Laign have undergone many hurdles in their relationships including health scares. Roberts was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2007. It was an experience Laign saw her through.

“We had only been dating not even two years when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, She could have bailed early on in the relationship. No one would have blamed her,” Roberts said of that period in time.

Laign got to experience Roberts’ support and dedication when her father passed away. While reminiscing on the obstacles they’ve faced together, Roberts attributes all thanks to God.

“We are partners. We will do whatever it takes, and I think that the illnesses that we have gone through, and are going through, have only strengthened us and made us more compassionate with each other and have a better understanding of each other,” Roberts said.

The pair are yet to announce an official date for the wedding, but Roberts hosted an on-air, beach themed bachelorette party for herself and Laign on August 16.