It’s practically impossible to not run into Keith Lee’s videos on social media. The TikToker has consistently gone viral for his food ratings and for helping out small businesses along the way. His truthful and hilarious reviews of different food dishes have helped his popularity on the app skyrocket. Keith was recently on comedian, Kev On Stage’s podcast to discuss his life. He had a special partnership with Chipotle and he has even hung out with names like Marsai Martin and Kevin Hart. Social media users have gotten to know Keith as a loving family man to his wife and two daughters. He has accomplished so much but who is the woman behind the success? Meet Ronni Lee.


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Ronni Lee is seen in several of Keith’s videos you can find on his page. From the videos of her pregnancy cravings to him showing her and his family love, she is always there holding down the fort. As Keith’s presence and substantial efforts continue to grow, he must have a sturdy support system to help build him up. 21Ninety had the chance to sit down with Ronni Lee to learn more about her life outside of Keith and uncover more about the woman behind that infectious smile.

The Start of Going Viral

The family was not always well known on social media. When they first started getting recognized, it wasn’t necessarily for Keith’s entertaining reviews. People first got to know the couple because of Ronni Lee.

“I would tell him I would want a Pepsi at 2 in the morning, so it started off with that,” Lee explained. “I’ll be like, ‘Oh I want birria’ and he’ll go around and look for a birria place… so that’s really how it goes. We don’t plan ahead and say ‘Hey we have to make content today and it has to be this place.'”

Lee says she is still amazed by their success.

“It’s one of those things where you know, you talk about your dreams and you’re like ‘nah that can’t happen to me. That ain’t true.’ And the fact that all of this is us falling into our laps is still really unbelievable,” Lee said.

She says her online presence is a little different than her husband’s. His TikTok page is the business aspect of their family. It’s where people see the food content and Keith’s other endeavors. Lee’s page is the behind-the-scenes of their marriage and family. Her niche is more lifestyle-focused with hint of transparency. She wants viewers to see the life of a mother of young children coupled with growing online fame. Her videos are more focused on showcasing what’s beyond the ratings and what ups and downs they have as actual humans.

Motherhood Journey


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While their beautiful marriage shows displays of love, patience and understanding, there is much more depth to the intricacies of Lees’ matrimony. Many mothers typically suffer from postpartum depression after giving birth to their children and Ronni is no different. Both of her pregnancies taught her something different about the limits of her body.

“When you’re in that postpartum space you’re just taking it day-by-day and you’re kind of just a passenger in your body. Your body is literally just moving and going,” Lee said.

During her pregnancy with her firstborn, Karter, Lee reaped the beautiful benefits of pregnancy. From long hair to clear skin, she enjoyed the journey. However, the same could not be said for their second baby, Riley. What she believed would be a simple pregnancy turned out to be more than what she imagined. It transformed her into someone she hadn’t known before, therefore resulting in a more severe postpartum experience.

“I would be mean to Keith. I would find things to nag about and didn’t realize I was doing that. We’re very good communicators so he would tell me that he’s going to do what I asked but I didn’t have to say it the way I did. So I wouldn’t realize I was being mean. I would apologize and we’d talk it out,” Lee revealed.

She said at times she would even get frustrated when her firstborn wouldn’t listen, forgetting she was still a baby too. Lee says she had to “snap out” of that as well.

“It’s such a scary place to be in and I’m just so grateful and thankful for him because he is the best communicator,” Lee said.

Keith, Ronni, and God

One major theme we see in the couple’s videos is their love of God. In all of Keith’s videos, he tags out with the phrase “God is amazing.” The couple consistently shows that they keep God at the center of their marriage. Lee says doing so is is key to having a successful marriage.

“I really do believe that is the number one for a marriage. You have to keep God first,” she explained.

When the two first met in college, neither were committed to a religion, but through their shared interest in a higher power, they found Christianity together. She says they are both much closer to God than ever before. Their spirituality also plays a large part in their business moves.

“We don’t have to take every opportunity, because not every opportunity is for you. God is going to lead you to the right decision. Im doing what He wants me to do. I’m just walking by faith!” Lee explained.