As one of the top beauty searches On TikTok, the Russian Manicure is a viral trend that speaks to hushed nail tones and extremely precise cuticle work. One of the many reasons why this trend has surfaced on the internet is because Russian manicures often look photoshopped and are almost “too perfect to actually look real.” Celebs such as Jasmine Tookes and Kendall Jenner have opted into the trend, as well as countless numbers of Tiktok users claiming that they’ll never go back to getting regular manicures again.

When done correctly, Russian manicures can promote healthy nails, nail growth and provide a beautiful foundation for various nail treatments such as gel, acrylic and others. So, whether you’re looking for a manicure that lasts longer or simply want a more refined nail care experience, the Russian manicure is a technique worth exploring.

Ahead we’ll dive into everything there is to know about Tiktok’s Russian manicure and why the trend has become viral.

What Exactly Is the Russian Manicure and How Is It Done?

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The Russian manicure, also known as the “dry manicure,” has gained significant popularity in the world of nail care and beauty. It represents a meticulous and precise approach to achieving perfectly groomed nails and is starting to become the new norm in the manicure world. Essentially, what sets the Russian manicure apart from traditional manicures is the focus on cuticle care and nail preparation, making it a highly sought-after treatment for any and all occasions.

The first step in a Russian manicure involves gently pushing back and removing excess cuticle growth from the nail bed. This process is carried out using specialized tools like cuticle pushers and cuticle nippers, but it’s performed with special care to avoid any damage or injury to the delicate cuticle area. Unlike traditional manicures that rely on soaking the nails in water to help prep the nails, the Russian manicure is “dry,” meaning it is performed without soaking the nails in water. This dry technique allows for greater precision and prevents over-softening of the skin and nails, which can occur with soaking.

Another factor of the Russian manicure is the use of electric files, also known as e-files or nail drills, to gently and precisely shape the nail. The electric file is used to smooth the nail surface, remove excess dead cuticle tissue, and create a clean, even canvas for nail polish or extensions. This step requires a professional nail technician to avoid damaging the natural nail.

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How Did the Trend Go Viral?

After spotting celebrities and social media users with these meticulously neat nail beds, the style immediately went viral on TikTok. It has 300 million views on the platform with content creators trying the style for themselves. The benefits of a Russian manicure are one of the many reasons why the trend has surmounted views globally. For starters, Russian manicures last much longer than regular manicures, preventing the need for recurring costs and constant salon visits. The trend also promotes happy nail growth and can ensure stronger more durable nail beds overtime.

All in all, the Russian manicure is favored for its ability to create a polished and long-lasting result. By meticulously preparing the nail surface and cuticles, nail technicians can achieve a flawless finish when applying nail polish, gel or acrylic enhancements. The technique’s precision also makes it popular among those who prefer the clean and natural look of their nails.

Russian Manicure DIY?

In recent years, the Russian manicure has gained popularity in nail salons around the world, with many nail technicians who have sought specialized training to master this technique. If you’re thinking about trying the viral Russian manicure, it’s important to note that seeing a trained professional nail technician is the key to having it properly done while ensuring a safe and effective experience all around. Whether you’re looking for a natural, well-maintained look or a flawless canvas for creative nail designs, the Russian manicure offers a precise and professional approach to nail care that’s appealing and effortless.