A model named Sasha Palma is suing Kylie Jenner’s company for $120,000. Palma claims the beauty brand hired her for work and paid her late each time.

According to the court documents obtained by TMZ, Palma was hired for a one-day shoot in June 2020 to promote the brand’s products and was given a pay rate of $2000 per day. The model was entitled to payment by early July, but the company missed the payday deadline by more than 30 days. Now, Palma is seeking $60,000 in penalties.

Palma also claims the same thing happened just one month later. Once again, she was hired to do a one-day shoot to promote the products in August 2020, but again, payment was received more than 30 days late. Palma is asking for another $60,000. Thus, bringing the total damages to a whopping $120,000.   

Palma’s Instagram features multiple images from her work with Kylie’s Cosmetics.

“NEW CAMPAIGN FOR #kyliecosmetics,” she captioned her photo from the June shoot.

Photo Credit: @Sashapalmaa/Instagram

However, TMZ reported that the company claims Palma was paid before the NET 45 per her invoices. Additionally, they state that they have documentation to prove it. TMZ spoke to a source close to Jenner, who believes that Palma’s agent could’ve possibly withheld the payments and caused the delayed, which wouldn’t be on the company or Jenner. The source added that “the same model later asked the company for a letter of recommendation, which Kylie’s brand did not do.”  

As of now, Kylie’s company has yet to release a statement.

About Sasha Palma

According to Palma’s Instagram page, she is a Los Angeles-based model and singer. She is represented by DT Model Mgmt has modeled for ELLE, Paris Fashion Week, and more. She has multiple singles on Spotify and her music videos can be viewed on YouTube.