Yep, it’s time. Saturn return in Pisces is almost upon us and this time it’s those born in the mid-90s who are being called forward for the infamous transition. Saturn last returned to Aquarius, we kid you not, at the start of the global pandemic in March 2020, which called for new levels of growth, patience, and guts. This time, the transition through Pisces, the mutable, deeply spiritual sign, is sure to mark the start of a new personal and societal era too.

On March 7th, Saturn will dive into the watery sign of Pisces where it will remain until May 2025. It will make a final appearance on September 1 2025 and hand over to Aries on February 14, 2026 for the newbie Saturn Returners. Those born between 1993 and 1996 are next in line to go through their first Saturn return as the planet moves out of Aquarius, where it’s been for the last 3 years, and into Pisces.

What is a Saturn return and why does it scare everyone?

Every 29 years or so Saturn returns to the position it was in when you were born. Between the age of 27-29, you’re likely to experience your first Saturn return where it will enter the sign it was in when you were born. When this happens, it feels like a grand astrological ‘coming of age’ type of life event. If it’s your first Saturn return, you should know that these years and their constant lessons are impossible to ignore. Saturn typically returns 2/3 times in a lifetime so if you were born between 1993 and April 1996 you’re likely the newest members to be under the stern eye of Saturn return on March 7. Those born between March 1964 and March 1967 will be entering their second Saturn return while elders born between February 1935 – January 1938 will be experiencing their third. For an accurate look at when to expect your Saturn return, check out your natal chart on sites such as Cafe Astrology.

The”Task master” planet of the zodiac

To paint the picture, Saturn is the planet that governs karma and maturity. As the ultimate teacher, Saturn returns often signify major life changes. Think engagements, breakups, career changes, relocations, spiritual reevaluations, and any and every other theme that screams ‘getting grown’ era.

Saturn, aka, Father Saturn is known for being the planet of discipline, structure, and getting your sh*t in divine order, respectfully. As you can imagine, this tough-love approach has given the Saturn return quite a reputation. It doesn’t have to leave you trembling for your pre-30 years though. This may also be a period that allows for a reset and a greater push toward the version of life that is truly yours. In other words, there is hope; the journey as well as the destination can be smooth-sailing, sometimes. However you’re feeling about the upcoming Saturn return, there are some things to keep in mind. Read on to find out the best way to prepare for your Saturn return in Pisces.

How to prepare for your Saturn return in Pisces

What happens when you mix Saturn’s energies of hard work and older-sibling type responsibility with Piscean flower-child, float-in-the-ocean tendencies? We’re about to find out. Saturn, which is the sign that governs Capricorn, is about getting the job done, immaculately, which might be difficult for the Saturn in Pisces folks who, well, are dreaming of everything but labor. And another thing, we need to talk about is the very Piscean urge to disconnect from reality… Saturn in Pisces people are going to be prompted out of escapist fantasies and guided back to the shores to confront their vulnerabilities. Stefanie Iris Weiss, author of ‘Surviving Saturn’s Return’ says that “Saturn shows us our wounds to teach us how to move forward empowered” which sums up the assignment for Saturn in Pisces. If there is any sign more spiritually and emotionally tapped in, it’s Pisces. Here is how to calm down, lean in and prepare for your Saturn return in Pisces.

Reinforce boundaries

If you have your Saturn in Pisces it may be harder for you to honor boundaries. Now is a great time to get comfortable saying ‘no’ as your full sentence. People often label Saturn in Pisces people as the ‘door mat’ in their chosen circles because they over-extend. Get comfortable putting your needs first and feeling 0 guilt for doing so. P.S. yes, as a 1996 baby, Summer Walker is going through this Saturn return in Pisces thing with you.

Check which house Saturn is in

This is a great way to deeper understand your personal themes. Everyone’s Saturn return journey will be different and looking closer at your natal chart may reveal some personal clues about what to expect. Keep in mind that these are interpretations and your personal observations and connection with intuition will be your best guide, always.

Saturn tends to elevate your insecurities, don’t get swept away

Astrologers regularly remind us that Saturn return is a time for facing your demons. This might be why most dread their late 20s. During your Saturn return, it is incredibly difficult to hide from your insecurities. The best approach is to not be overwhelmed by them. Keep a journal or notice the insecurities and how they make you feel without letting them define this period.

Invest in a Mentor or Therapist

This would also be an awesome time to connect or reconnect with a mentor or therapist. Extra support while leveling up is always a welcomed idea. Even more so during a Saturn return where blind spots and repeated lessons are part of the journey.

Resist obsessing over the negative associations with Saturn return

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Yes, you have work to do, but this is not a 3-year boot camp. Give yourself permission to have some fun, make mistakes, rise up, and go again. You may find these years to be full of intimacy and greater emotional intelligence as a Saturn return in Pisces native. Learning about yourself in such a raw way can be tough, but it’s also a little inevitable. This is how you become who you’re supposed to be beyond your parenting, school, work, and society. The hardships will bring you a healthier and fuller picture of who you actually are. It’s a homecoming gifted from the cosmos and there is no need to overly focus on the negatives.

Steady yourself, it’s a long journey

Those 2.5-3 years are long but brief. The best and kindest thing you can do for yourself during what may be a challenging time, is go slow. There isn’t much use in rushing through your Saturn return, especially if it’s your first one. You’ll benefit from embracing the journey ahead by paying attention to your repeat lessons and your inner evolutions. The more you can expand your capacity for patience – for self and circumstance – the smoother your Saturn return should feel.

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