Saweetie is a popular rapper known for her hit songs ICY GRL, My Type, and more. But she is also recognized for her beauty. And luckily for her fans, she isn’t shy about spilling the tea on all her favorite beauty hacks.

Who is Saweetie?

Saweetie is a well-known rapper who is taking the Hollywood industry by storm. She first burst onto the scene in 2018, with her debut single “ICY GRL”. The song was a massive hit, and as a result of its success, Saweetie quickly gained national recognition as an artist. Since then, she has released a variety of hit singles, including “My Type”, “Tap In” and “Best Friend”.

But aside from her music, fans also praise the “Back To The Streets” rapper for her undeniable beauty.

Celebrity Beauty Hacks

Like most celebrities, Saweetie knows all the best beauty hacks since her career involves being glammed up. And not only that, but she collaborates with top-notch hair stylists and makeup artists who share their favorite beauty tips and advice. Additionally, because money is no issue for many celebrities, Saweetie has access to quality beauty products, no matter the cost.

5 Beauty Hacks That Saweetie Swears By

Beauty hacks are creative ways to get a desired beauty result. Beauty hacks have been around since ancient times, with the invention of tools such as tweezers and mirrors that allowed women to better groom themselves. Nowadays, beauty hacks may involve using everyday items in new ways to make beauty care easier and more affordable.

From using eye drops to revive dried out mascara to moisturizing your skin with coconut oil, beauty hacks can certainly help you elevate your routine. Even better, your favorite Icy Girl has all the tea on how to level up like a celebrity. So if you’re looking to step up your beauty game without breaking the bank, look no further than these five genius hacks that Saweetie swears by:


Her Last-Minute Beauty Routine



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In an interview with who what wear, Saweetie explained her beauty routine when she’s short on time. 

“I am definitely putting on some lip gloss,” she said to the outlet. “I love my Icy Lips by Saweetie($9) collection with Morphe—they make your lips look so succulent and juicy. If my nails are chipped, I’m using Sinful Colors Press-On Claws Manicures because they are so easy to put on. I’m using my baby-hair products—Kiss’s Edge Fixer Glued. I’m putting on some Black Girl Sunscreen to protect the skin. And, you know, if I’m in a hurry and just have to run around town, people laugh at me, but I actually use Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow Ultra Fine Mist as perfume.”


Hand Steaming For the Perfect Mani


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When it comes to nail designs, Saweetie is that girl. From colorful neons to bright tie-dyes, the “My Type” rapper is a walking billboard for fabulous nail art. And in an interview with who what wear, she explains just how she keeps her nails camera-ready.

“Make sure you steam your nails and hands when you’re removing anything or cleaning up your nails. Always just steam your skin so it’s nice and soft and ready to get cleaned out. It makes such a difference and your acrylics will come off a lot easier!”


Her Skincare Routine


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Part of her beauty involves her clean, youthful skin. But according to Saweetie, she worked hard for her radiant complexion. In a Vogue beauty demo, Saweetie explained how she struggled with acne growing up.

“When I was like in fifth grade, I had a really bad puberty outbreak,” she says. “I was living with my dad; men don’t really know what to do with skincare, so my dad would just tell me to get, like, a hot rag and put it on my face.”

Today, Saweetie admits to starting her beauty routine by cleaning her face with the Tatcha cleanser, making sure to a towel to avoid ruining her lashes.

Then, she applies Tatcha Violet C Radiance Mask from Tatcha, followed by a bit of Ole Henriksen Toner, and finally, the Ole Henriksen Truth Serum.


Sunscreen, Sunscreen, Sunscreen


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The sun’s rays never discriminate, and while it can be a beautiful source of warmth and light, too much exposure to UV radiation can cause serious harm to our skin. Unfortunately, a common misconception in the Black community is that melanated skin tones don’t require sunscreen, which can lead to a higher prevalence of sun damage and even skin cancer.

In an interview with Byrdie, Saweetie explains the importance of taking care of your skin — and that especially includes wearing sunscreen.

“My mom taught me the importance of taking care of my skin ever since I was a little girl. At a young age, she encouraged me to use sunblock. She explained that sunblock is important because you don’t see sunspots until eight to 10 years later. She taught me the importance of taking my skin now so that I can look good later.”


“Coffee Drip” For a Clean and Simple Nail Color


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Sinful Colors is a nail polish brand that was created to offer fashion-forward and trendsetting shades of nail color while still remaining affordable. The brand has been around decades and is now one of the leading names in nail care products, with hundreds of colors available in stores across the country.

In 2021, the popular brand recruited Saweetie to be their brand ambassador. And as the IT-girl of nail designs, she couldn’t say no.

As for her favorite color? Coffee Drip!

“It’s simple, I know, but for one, it smells really good,” Saweetie explained in an interview with Pop Sugar. “I think it looks really good on my skin tone.” 


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