We’ve officially entered the new year, and you know what that means? Cuffing season has begun. But in Saweetie’s case, she has a different view of how to start the new year.

“What I love about being single is there’s a lot of things that I like,” she says to Teen Vogue. “I like not worrying about somebody, you know? I hate when like you don’t get the text back or the call and you’re just like, what are you doing?” She adds, “I love the stress-free lifestyle of being single.”

It’s no secret as to why Saweetie enjoys being single. Her past relationships have not always been the best for her and her mental health. She broke up with her ex, Quavo in 2021 over alleged cheating. The Cali native disclosed in an interview that she and the Migos rapper experienced a lot of growing pains together. She noted that they parted ways over their differences.

“I thought we was gonna spend the rest of our lives together.” She said in a recent interview with REVOLT. “With him, I just knew he was the one, it was different. I was hella enthralled with just who he was as a human. Like, even if he wasn’t a rapper I would still be in love with him…”

“I think I learned how to be a woman,” she says when asked about what her relationship taught her. “The way I was raised, I was raised in a really tough environment. Both of my parents were tough, but since I was in love, I was like it’s time for me to step it up as a woman.”

Saweetie’s Appearance On Caresha Please

In her interview with City Girl’s Caresha, Saweetie made a comment about how guys are getting better at cheating stating, “I think if a man gets caught several times he gets good at cheating I feel like you’re able to tell when your n*gga is cheating when like how his homeboys act like because homeboys be having guilt too that’s what I think, the energy be a little off.”

Saweetie and Caresha touched on checking phones when you suspect your significant other is cheating. They say phones have always been the cherry on top if you’re trying to catch a spouse in a lie. “Honestly what’s hella crazy is I think the phone has always been the cherry on top but I’ve always felt it was like my gut.” Saweetie says, “I want an honest man because like my dad always taught me an honest man always gonna give you the choice of staying or leaving.”

She continues, “And if you would like let me know what I signed up for that’s different. Like, don’t make a fantasy up for me, cuz I can handle it, just let me know so I can decide if I want to deal with it or not.”

And though it’s true that we all were rooting for Quavo and Saweetie’s relationship at the time, she’s certainly proven that the single life is much more suited for her in this stage. Her new album, “The Single Life,” is an ode to her new Icy Girl chapter and we’re absolutely here for it.