Following the demise of Saweetie and Quavo’s relationship, there have been numerous online conversations and speculations.

The Background

Lil Baby recently reignited speculations after lyrics from his album, “It’s Only Me,” seemed to allude to his alleged tryst with Saweetie following her breakup with Quavo.

Following the breakup, there were swirling rumours that after the “Best Friend” rapper and Quavo split, she became romantically involved with Lil Baby, who allegedly took her on a lavish shopping trip. Following the buzz, Quavo seemed to respond to the speculation by sharing an Instagram post that read: “Ain’t trippin we can swap it out!”


Song Lyrics

On Lil Baby’s recent record “Stand On It,” he seems to respond to Quavo by rapping:

“I don’t want your bitch, we can’t swap out (Swap out)/They ain’t on sh-, tell ’em to pop out (Pop out).”

On another song titled “Not Finished,” Lil Baby appears to take another jab at the situation by rapping:

“She post a picture without my permission/Got me in some sh-, man, these women is wild. She f- niggas, but think I don’t know/That sh- really a joke man, lil’ mama’s a clown.”

In a leaked song called “Messy,” Quavo also raised speculation that he was referring to Saweetie when he rapped:

“B- f- my dog behind my back but I ain’t stressing. You wanted the gang you should’ve just said that we would’ve blessed you.”

The Case For Rebounding After A Bad Breakup

The situation has fueled the flames of media speculations and has been the source of gossip, but there is also something else that stands out: the messiness of romantic breakups. Breakups are already uncomfortable fiascos, but they can seem magnified to the maximum when they are played out in front of the world. After a bad breakup, it can be easy to feel the strong need to move on and find comfort elsewhere because it seems accessible and feels great in the moment. Saweetie is beautiful and talented and has shown many fans why she is beloved. Still, the recent brouhaha of alleged song lyrics and behind-the-scenes romantic charades mirrors what many people face daily. Trying to move on from an ex can be grueling, but perhaps even more grueling is the fact that many times, rebound relationships can be even messier and retrogressive to what little progress we have made with healing. This can become evident, especially if the new partner is unkind after the flames of passion following the rebound fizzle.

Be Like Saweetie

To rebound after a bad breakup, be like Saweetie. Focus on your work. Let the people fueling the drama, stay in their drama. Remove yourself from the situation, go no-contact with all parties involved. Put it in a song, or whatever your work entails. Whatever you do, Don’t Say Nothin.