Now, when it comes to intensity, Scorpios and Capricorns have just about everyone beat. Whether you’re dating one, friends with one or are one yourself, we can agree to agree that there’s a level of intensity when it comes to emotion. Not in the way that Pisces feel everything and everyone. Instead, Scorpios are incredibly loyal, passionate and guarded. Capricorns, on the other hand, can ditch their guards almost completely, burying their emotions at an undiscoverable level.

Still, they have an unshakable determination which usually leads to them getting their way and “always being right”. Now this level of determination is a great one to have, comparable to that of Virgos: the detail-oriented kings and queens. However, Capricorns are in a league of their own. So, what happens when you pair these two “trust no one”/ “I’ll do it myself” zodiac signs? Let’s get into it: Scorpio and Capricorn compatibility.  

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Scorpios – October 24 through November 21

Ruled by Pluto, the planet of destruction and transformation, these signs have a level of persistence that is comparable to that of Capricorns, though some may read their persistence as obsession. Either way, that passion and persistence is what sets them apart, breeding a strategic trait that puts them a few steps ahead of everyone around them. And, honestly, we need that, in our friends, partners, coworkers and CEOs. More byproducts of their passion include loyalty and fearlessness. Think supermodel Duckie Thot, legendary singer Monica and superstar Ciara. Scorpios will stop at nothing to get what they want, including their desired lover.

Scorpios In Love

In love, Scorpios crave the intensity that they provide. They don’t date as casually as other signs, seeing as they know if they’re into you almost instantly. Because their passions are so deep, they want to see if you can connect on these topics through detailed, in-depth conversations. They chase hard like they love hard. Knowing your quirks down to your past struggles gives a Scorpio insight into how to not only show up for you but love you better. Nothing is for show or unintended for Scorpios. They know what they want and they’ll figure out how to get it. This intensity also manifests itself as determination in their careers. 

Scorpios In Career

Scorpios, in their determination, have a knack for revealing the hidden. It’s their nature so they excel in roles of research and investigation. Any task that feels too daunting for the average teammate can feel like a gift for a Scorpio. They’re prone to success and excel so climbing the ladder or cracking a ceiling feels accomplishable – all in a day’s work. Throw in some competition and perhaps a sprinkle of danger and Scorpios are ready to lead by example. Their ambitions don’t only lead to success in their careers, but frame their friendships as well.  

Scorpios In Friendship

In friendships, their ambitiousness propels them to know you well. Their intensity and loyalty make them trustworthy on another level. What you may consider to be your deepest and darkest secrets, Scorpios are happy to hold with plenty of interest and no judgment. They’ll listen actively, offering you the advice that you need, but don’t always want; so be ready for that. As they’re always a few steps ahead of you, they can suggest ways of handling your problems that feel simple yet balanced. They don’t intend to burst your bubble and are ready to help you put yourself back together if they do. Caring and warm, in a guarded way, they’re excellent friends although you may never know everything about them.

Capricorns – December 22 through January 19

Ruled by Saturn which is the planet of structure, these steadfast sea goats were nominated by their high school class as “most likely to succeed” or have already taken over the world while somehow still being under the radar. That’s because of their poise which, when paired with their rock-solid strength, makes them incredible businesspeople.

With that, of course, comes a level of motivation and responsibility; two of the major keys when it comes to success. Naturally, for Capricorns, success can be the destination although evolved Capricorns know that success will also be a part of the journey. Think the late songstress Aaliyah, eternal F.L.O.T.U.S. Michelle Obama and media mogul Issa Rae.

Capricorns In Love 

In love, Capricorns are similarly serious to that of Scorpios. So serious that it may take them a while to settle down. Not because they aren’t interested, but because they’re making sure (in every way possible) that they’re making the soundest decision. They can be quite critical of their counterparts especially when love is thrown into the mix. With these signs, perfection is possible, if you try hard enough, and a perfect relationship can be achieved through getting to the bottom of any issues that might be causing resistance or friction. 

In other cases, they can be looking for commitment almost immediately. Building a home and future are characteristic of these signs as settling down with and unwinding with someone that they trust is bliss. Achieving what for some has long been a fantasy puts them at peace, helping them to reroute their strategic, determination towards career almost exclusively. 

Capricorns In Career

In career, they’re strategists like in all other areas of their lives. They’re planners and achievers. They believe in a gradual growth that can be admired and eventually taken to the bank. Success, in the form of prosperity, feels particularly worthy of celebration although small wins are wins too because what’s a small win? They’re no stranger to “twisting your arm” because of that determination that we talked about. Slow and steady wins the race, but persistent excellence is what achieves the task and sets them apart. They’ve done a full evaluation of the situation and you so any risks that present themselves, Capricorns already know about them. It can take some getting used to in friendships, where being realistic might not always fit the mood. 

Capricorns In Friendship

In friendships, when they aren’t telling the truth and nothing, but the truth, they’re preparing you for your future. It isn’t only their success that they care about, but yours too. Because is a Capricorn truly a Capricorn without achieving success AND making sure that it surrounds them? They’re practical in their approach and knowing what you’re capable of. So, they’ll push you, but not beyond your bounds – though they probably don’t know or have any of their own. Extremely responsible and dependable, Capricorns are stellar in the love, friend and career departments – if you make their timing your timing; their plan your plan. 

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility 

Are you a Scorpio dreaming about a Capricorn, or a Capricorn plotting on a Scorpio? Here’s some insight into how the connection could go.

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility In Romance

So, when it comes to compatibility, these two signs aren’t only in the same book and on the same page– they’re most likely in the same paragraph. However, where their opinions may differ is timing. Both signs need time to warm up to the idea of trust, but determining what steps must be taken first needs to be agreed upon. Once the details are muddled over, and enough time has passed, they’re ready to build a solid foundation. While romance for Capricorns looks more traditional than that of their Scorpio partners, the trust that they’ve built allows them to explore the untraditional too. Scorpios, also lovers of planning and deep connection, will bring the passion – both outside and inside of the bedroom. 

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility In Sex

Both signs are no stranger to control so deciding on who takes the lead might be their only point of contention. However, if they agree to take turns, it can make for a pleasurable experience. This duo believes in getting the job done so a mutually enjoyable experience is not out of the ordinary. The chemistry is undeniable: where one plans the other reacts and vice versa. This passion fuels a balance in their relationship between love and lust, noting both as important elements of a well-functioning union. Similarly, being the best of friends fuels their passion for one another. 

Scorpio and Capricorn Compatibility In Friendship

Be ready for a little friendly competition as well as a balance between work and play. This makes for an eventful experience because Scorpios and Capricorns don’t last very long feeling bored. When they aren’t chasing an ambition, they’re lending one another a listening ear offering pointed advice to solve each other’s problems. Early responsibility for Capricorns and deep emotional intelligence in Scorpios makes them hyper aware of each other’s needs. They’re loyal and trustworthy in this arena too, offering support and guidance whenever they’re needed. 

So, Are Scorpios and Capricorns Compatible?

Scorpios and Capricorns stand by their intensity, seeing it as a power and using it for good. Their similarities of valuing trustworthiness and loyalty, drive and success make them great teammates, whether friendly or romantic. They are equally as competitive in work and academic environments which may fan flames elsewhere. Of the signs, their pairing is one of the most compatible (on paper). Ultimately, taking the lead is the only possible qualm between the two, but a passion for shared interests and goals will take care of that.