Did you know that more than one-third of Americans have a side hustle, and more than half of all millennials are supporting themselves with one?

Gone are the days of compartmentalizing work to a single nine-to-five job. Instead, most people today fill their extra time with passion projects and sharing their talents for additional income. 

For example, even though I’m an executive at a tech company called Suzy, on the side I run an apparel line dedicated to spreading messages of social justice (think fashion line meets picket sign). In having a side hustle, I get to do something else I’m passionate about in addition to my full-time job — and still get paid for my efforts.

Whether you need to pay off student debt or want to start saving for your future, these five great opportunities will help you stack up your funds:

  1. Share Your Opinion 

Are you the opinionated one in your squad? Put your opinions to work in online survey communities like Crowdtap for some side perks! Crowdtap rewards members for their honest feedback with gift cards and subscriptions to entertainment platforms such as Hulu and Apple Music. Plus, you get to give your input on the products, ideas, and ads that brands are creating. 

Tour Guide/Experience Guide  

Do you live in a city frequented by tourists like New York or San Francisco? Consider offering your services as a tour guide, or put your talents to work as an experienced host on weekends. All you need is a good knowledge of the area and a friendly, outgoing personality. Sign up on platforms like Airbnb Experiences and Yelp to get started, and let your talents shine.

  1. Online Tutor 

Tutors earn decent money, but it can be a lot of work to keep up a client list and ensure people pay you on time. Online tutoring services like VIP Kid, which pays $14-$22 per hour, might be a better option for you. They hire people to do one-on-one English instruction for Chinese students via video conferencing. While you do need a bachelor’s degree, you don’t need any prior experience teaching!

Influencer/Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketers earn commissions by promoting other companies’ products. You can become an affiliate marketer by creating a blog and writing product reviews, or by sharing information about a particular product, service, or pastime online. For example, if you love pets, you might start a blog where you share your favorite dog beds, hamster balls, and scratching posts and links to the brands you’re looking to promote. If your readers click on those links and make purchases, you’ll earn a commission.

  1. Turn Clutter into Cash

This is by no way a new concept, but there are tons of new options available to sell all that stuff taking up space in your closet and home. With apps like Poshmark for clothes and AptDeco for furniture, you can live your best Marie Kondo life and earn cash by decluttering. It’s like spring cleaning with benefits!

Whatever your reason for exploring a side hustle, make sure you’re ready to commit to it. The greatest benefits come to those who master the hustle. And after all, we all need some extra spending money for those pampering sessions, Amazon splurges, and friends’ nights out! 

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