Celebrate Black Beauty + Radiance

Celebrate Black
Beauty + Radiance

Time to get down to the essence of Black beauty and radiance. We’re bringing you exclusive content, must- have products, and more from your trusted experts on hair, skin & beauty.
Only from 21Ninety and Sephora.

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Bold, Beautiful and Healthy Hair Starts at the Scalp

Together with Sephora, we’re taking your hair game to the next level -–– scalp care! Discover tips and products that tackle all your scalp concerns from thinning hair & product build-up to soothing an irritated scalp.
Get on your way to fabulous hair with advice from trusted hair care experts celebrating Black hair all day, err day.

Comeback Season: Legacy Black Beauty Brand Fashion Fair Makes Its Grand Return
Skincare For Every Age

These days, there are a million reasons why you might be anxious. Researchers have determined that even simple things like starting your mornings with caffeine, using a phone, going to college, or just...


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