Serena Williams is back in the Australian Open and set to take on Naomi Osaka in the semi-final. We are rooting for both of these queens, honestly, but there's no doubt that the youngest Williams sister is our forever icon. Though Serena is cemented in the history books as possibly the best tennis player of all time and, arguably, the greatest all-around athlete ever to live, she also is no stranger to serving a cute slay. In celebration of the GOAT being back to business, here are five times she reminded us why she's one of the baddest both on and off the court.

When she showed us the light. 

When she reminded us that she was mom goals with her mini-me. 

When she invented the color white, swimsuits, and a sleek pony. 

When she showed us how to pose like one of her many trophies.

When she told us who wears the crown. Hint: it's her.

We'll be rooting for the GOAT in her historic Australian Open run. Go, Serena!!