Serena Williams’ second pregnancy has been full of family, fun and luxury. That trend continued with a lavish spa day aimed at pampering the soon to be mom of two!

The expectant mother was treated to a special day by her sister Venus, her mom Oracene Price, and some of her friends. Instead of calling it a baby shower, Williams dubbed it a “pre-push” party. She declared that she is “coining that phrase”

How Serena William’s Pre-Push Party Went Down

Williams posted a video recapping the event on her Youtube channel. In the video titled “It’s a Pre-Push Party,” she opened up in a confessional style moment to the camera. She went into detail about how she feels in regard to getting ready for the new baby.

“So, how am I feeling about it? Excited, anxious, nervous, happy … all of the above,” she said. She continued to explain that she isn’t all the way ready for her new daughter’s arrival but mentally she’s prepared.  “I don’t have my stuff ready, like the crib and the changing table and a plethora of other things.”

Throughout the video, viewers could feel the relaxation through the screen. Attendees drank champagne and hung out by the pool, all in matching orange pajamas. Her first-born daughter, Olympia Ohanian, joined in on the fun as well. In the video, she is seen taking a break from the pool and joining her mother in getting a facial

The goal of the day was to make sure Williams was relaxed and zen in the weeks before she delivers a new addition to her family. According to the tennis star, the mission was accomplished.

“I feel so loved today,” she said in the video. “Everyone’s here. Family’s here. We’re all just relaxed. I feel loved and relaxed.”

Williams and her husband, Alexis Ohanian announced the new pregnancy back in March on the red carpet of the Met Gala. The two held a reveal party complete with an elaborate light show to reveal the sex of their second child.