I’m no makeup artist. However, I know the way I like my makeup to be done. Typically, I find a good balance between “Does she even have on makeup?” and “That beat looks great, honey!” This is what I was hoping to achieve when I received my Wyn Beauty by Serena Williams package in the mail.

Although the line is not as expansive as I hoped it would be, the product choices are commendable. The line covers the basics needed to create a flawless, natural-looking beat.

Products I Tried

First Impressions of Wyn Beauty

I started by purchasing the products online which turned out to be an interesting experience. The Wyn Beauty website has a calculator where you’re able to input your own foundation shade, regardless of the brand, and it will tell you which skin tint shade works best for you. It also uses those same calculations to suggest a concealer shade to go along with your skin tint. Initially, I was skeptical of this because truth be told, I’m not even sure if the foundation shades I normally use are the perfect matches. However, I wanted to trust the process and fully immerse myself in the Wyn Beauty experience.

Another interesting aspect of this line is that there are no contour products. I’m sure if someone really wanted to, they would be able to use a darker shade of concealer as a contour. However, I was absolutely expecting something dedicated to the sole purpose of chiseling the face, as I was hoping to create a full beat with these products.

Putting Together the Base

Taking Shape Brow Shading Pencil

Photo Courtesy of Wyn Beauty

I first began with shading my eyebrows with the Taking Shape Brow Shading Pencil, in the shade Taupe. This is not the typical product I would go for, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t get the job done. I like to have a wispy look to my brows, oftentimes creating strokes with my pencil that look like defined brow hairs rather than coloring in my brow in its entirety. This creamy product isn’t going to give you that wispy, defined look. However, it will fill in your brows if you want a more bold eyebrow or if you have gaps you want to fill in.

Hydrating Skin Enhancing Tint SPF 30

Photo Courtesy of Wyn Beauty

I’m not going to lie, I was extremely apprehensive about using this product. I was suggested the shade 330 Pinnacle and online, it seemed like a perfect fit. However, when I twisted off the cap and started to put the tint on my face, I thought it was way too light for me. Luckily, after I began to blend it on my face, I realized that it worked with my skin tone to create a glaze, giving me a glowy skin look. As with most skin tints, however, it’s not full coverage. If you’re looking to completely create a new layer of skin on your face with your foundation, then this isn’t the product for you.

Nothing To See Soft Matte Creamy Concealer

Photo Courtesy of Wyn Beauty

Again, the concealer was a suggested hue based on the foundations I typically use. The Wyn Beauty site suggested I use the shade 330 Aim to go along with my 330 Pinnacle skin tint. This shade was definitely not what I would have chosen if I had tried it out in-store. Although the shade wasn’t horrible, I would’ve preferred something to give me a little more of a bright under-eye.

Adding The Extras

Most Versatile Pigment Multifunction Lip & Cheek Color

After I laid down my base, every other Wyn Beauty product was a match made in heaven for me. The MVP Multifunction Lip & Cheek Color stole my heart first. Although I like a bright under eye for my concealer, I try to keep my blush as natural as possible and the shade Charge did just that. I was taught a while ago that deep Black skin tones flourish with more rustic and deeper blush hues and this burnt orange color did just the trick.

Big Vision Lengthening & Defining Tubing Mascara

The Big Vision Lengthening & Defining Tubing Mascara helped to create a natural lift to my eyelashes. I already have very curly lashes so I prefer a mascara that elongates them without making them feel too bulky and this did just the trick.

No Words Needed Lip Serum

Photo Courtesy of Wyn Beauty

The look was finished off with the No Words Needed Lip Serum, which gave a beautiful, rosy gloss to my lips. While the site did have other lip offerings like a matte lipstick and a lightweight lip color, I prefer a glossy look these days. The serum didn’t plump my lips the way I would typically prefer but it definitely added a cute pout that I adored.

Wyn Beauty Final Thoughts

Overall, I would give the line an 8/10. Aside from the suggested shades not necessarily being what I would’ve chosen if I purchased in-store, I think the line is good. In my opinion, using this line alone will not give you the beat you’d be looking for if you were attending a special occasion like your wedding or birthday party. However, if you’re looking to add a little extra je ne sais quoi to your everyday look, this will absolutely help you achieve just that!

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