Extensions are big business for Haus of Go Sleek Hair Salon. The Atlanta based shop offers bundles, wigs and clip-ins. While the hair offerings they provide clients are nothing new, there is a service on their menu that is a bit outside of the box. The salon offers a sew-in alternative that sees clip-in extensions applied to a net that has been sewed onto braided down hair. The method takes half the time of a traditional sew-in and prevents breakage.

Monique Ingram is the founder of Go Sleek . The recently retired hairstylist now focuses on helping others in the beauty industry grow. Her salon offers a luxury haircare experience to every client that walks through its doors. One way she does that is by offering the faster, clip-in extension service. Ingram says she understands her clients love versatility when it comes to their hair. She wanted a solution that mimicked the beloved sew-in but offered more flexibility.

Courtesy of Monique Ingram

Clip-in Install on Braided Hair

It’s not just Go Sleek that has adopted this unique technique. In a YouTube video, content creator, Brianna B, showed off what she calls a “10 minute sew-in” to her channel’s subscribers. In the video Brianna doesn’t put a netted cap over her cornrowed hair but basically uses the same technique Go Sleek offers.

Credit: @simplybriannab/YouTube

21Ninety spoke with Ingram to learn more about her background and Haus of Go Sleek’s game-changing clip-install method. She shared everything from cost to who is the right candidate for the technique.

Interview with Monique Ingram

21Ninety: Tell us about yourself.

Monique Ingram: My name is Monique. I’m the owner of Go Sleek Hair Company in Atlanta and also an e-commerce store. We are very known for our clip-in hair extensions as well as our viral silk roller. I have been in the [hair industry] for well over fifteen years now.

21N: Where did the idea for a installing clip-ins similar to a sew-in come from?

MI: To be honest with you, the idea came about during a photo shoot. We are getting these models together for these pretty pictures for the [Haus of Go Sleek] website or social media. And we had to come up with a way where we could style their hair quickly. So not only style it fast so we could pretty much get the shot and switch their hair out for the next look, but also, we didn’t want to put so much heat on their hair. Keep in mind most models are shooting all week and they probably have people in their hair all the time, and I didn’t want to keep adding heat to it as well. So I decided, ‘You know what? We are just going to throw these braids in their hair real quick, clip these clip-ins on and get the look we need.’ And it turned out it was a great method and it was fast. A lot people come in for these quick hairstyles you know. So, we rolled with it, but made it better. We just did smaller braids and added a net. That net and braid serve as a protective barrier, which allows the clip-in to not directly sit on your scalp. That’s what causes the actual breakage.

21N: What are the pros and cons of clip-ins?

MI: One of the pros of clip-ins is they are great for the girl who likes their natural hair but you prefer to avoid going to the hair salon or wearing weaves. But say, for instance, an event comes up, and you just want to add some volume or length for that event. You can easily add clip-ins. Now, you look cute for your event, and once you go home, you’re able to take them out. And sometimes a person might have breakage and can add the clip-ins to mask that. Also, you’re not paying a stylist to do your hair. And once you buy your clip-ins, you can use them over and over again for so many different styles. They are great investments. You’re able to color and add heat to them just like other extensions because it is human hair, along with the maintenance.

The main cons of clip-ins are some people love a more permanent look. Some people don’t want to have to reinstall their extensions. And you should not sleep in them.

21N: Who is the right candidate for clip-ins?

MI: Most people are the right candidate. Your hair can be long, short, etc. The only time I’ve run into a situation where they could not wear clip-ins is when the person’s hair was fine. Or if their hair is extremely damaged. But clip-ins are really for the girl who enjoys wearing her hair. Her hair is in healthy condition, and she just wants to add length from time to time without making it a permanent thing. If you’re trying to grow your hair out or work out a lot, then I would advise a sew-in. It’s really based on lifestyle and what your ultimate goal is for your natural hair.

21N: How does the cost for clip-ins compare to the cost of other hair extensions?

MI: Hair is sold by the weight. Typically bundles are a little less expensive but because the bundles don’t weigh as much as clip-ins. You’re getting more volume in a clip-in set versus a bundle. But of course, depending on quality and who a customer chooses to shop with, clip-ins can range from $130 to $400 per set. Go Sleek’s prices range from $199 to $299. No set goes over $300.

Most sets include eight pieces. The braid-down method requires two sets; there’s no way around it. You will always need two sets for that method. But if you just want to add extra volume, sometimes one set is enough. Also, we have a quiz on our website that helps our clients choose the right quantity. Go Sleek’s seamless clip-in set comes with eight pieces and our classic set comes with eleven to thirteen pieces.

21N: How long does it take to apply the clip-in method?

MI: Your time is cut in half. A traditional sew-in takes roughly four hours with the wash, braid down, etc. But with the clip-ins, you’re only in the salon for around two and a half hours, if that. And most people wear their braids about a month. Sometimes clients come in to have their clip-ins washed and reinstalled. You can’t wear this method as long as you can the sew-in method, but you have the opportunity to treat your natural hair.

You can book your hair appointment with Haus of Go Sleek at their official website. And if you’re searching for clip-ins, visit Go Sleek Hair Company.

This article has been edited and condensed for length and clarity.