If your New Year Resolution list includes upping your skincare game, we have the products for you! 

PHOTO: Shea Moisture

Shea Moisture‘s newest skin care line combines the power of activated charcoal and vitamin-rich green coconut to give your skin a deep clean and provide hydration. According to Shea Moisture full product description, the charcoal is said to lift dirt and oil due to its “micro-fine holes” which absorb 1000x its weight in impurities; and thanks to its minerals, vitamins and fatty acids, the green coconut adds moisture to the skin to replenish and soften the skin. 
Christine Keihm, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Sundial Brands (the makers of Shea Moisture), says this collection answers a need for those looking to purify their skin without sacrificing moisture. 

“80% of the US population lives in urban areas and is exposed to free radicals from noise, light and air pollution, such as motor vehicle exhaust, smog, sun exposure and more. People are looking for ways to counter these assaults and the damage they may cause to their skin and hair…,” Keihm said in a press release from Shea Moisture. 

Video courtesy of Shea Moisture

The facial skincare products list includes: exfoliating cleansing powder ($10.99), moisturizing jelly cream ($12.99), cleansing balm ($10.99), in-shower mask ($10.99) and a mask duo ($15.99). Also going along with skincare, the bath and body products include: bath and shower jelly ($10.99), bath salts ($12.99), body jelly moisturizer ($10.99), body wash ($13.99) and the cleansing bar ($5.99).

This particular collection also has correlating hair care products as well which includes: build-up blaster ($11.49), shampoo ($10.49), conditioner ($10.49), exfoliating hair mud ($11.49), in-shower styler ($11.49) and a multi-masque ($8.49). 

With all of these products being made cruelty-free and without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, propylene glycol, synthetic fragrances or artificial colors, you can’t go wrong! Oh, and did you peep the prices? Start of your New Year with some new products and let us know what you think! 

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