Jamaican-bred artist, Shenseea, has been taking the music game by storm. She consistently shows that no one can put her in a box when it comes to her artistry. The musical artist has the vocal ability to sing the house down and has done so on several occasions. Then there’s her ability to rap. Fans are still in a chokehold over her 2018 hit, ShenYeng Anthem.

The artist recently shut down the Coachella 2023 stage as well. During her set, she performed hits like “Blessed,” “Lick,” featuring Megan Thee Stallion, and her newest single, “Curious.” She even brought out Coi Leray to perform a special version of her hit “Players.”

With all of her amazing artistic talents, you would think it ends there. Think again. Shenseea has recently been going viral for another talent: cooking. She adds a new age twist to traditional Jamaican recipes. The results are often so good Shenseea has to do a double take when she tasting her own food.

She has dropped a few recipes on her Tiktok, that you may need to try for yourself. Check them out.

Shenseea Put Her Foot In These Recipes

The most recent video of her cooking was shared with fans on her Instagram story. The performer decided to try something new by adding Coca-Cola to her fried chicken. She put the cooked chicken in a pan and seared it with pure Coca-Cola fresh out of the bottle. Although she originally said she was nervous to try it, she ended up giving it a 10 out of 10.

The very first time she introduced TikTok to her cooking skills, Shenseea made a fried lobster tail dish. Fans were excited to see that not only is the performer able to sing and dance but she can also throw down in the kitchen. She did get a little bit of constructive criticism in the comments however. Followers mainly asked her to slow down and clearly show everyone exactly what she was using for the dish.

Shenseea has also given fans a look at how she prepares another popular and well-loved dish. She shared tips and tricks on how to make her jerk chicken pasta. This time, she slowed down the process a bit and let everyone see each ingredient she used while preparing the meal.


Took me 2 1/2 hrs, worth it 🌹

♬ original sound – SHENYENGofficial

After a few more videos, Shenseea gave fans the type of cooking video they have been asking for. In her pot roast beef video, she takes her time to explain everything that she is doing with a voiceover. It appears that the meal turned out to be amazing and fans in the comments who have tried the recipe at home, confirm that it is a recipe worth trying.