Sheryl Lee Ralph’s career is a testament that success knows no age limit. The actress’ work continues to be recognized as her career matures. Now, she has decided to bring her daughter, Ivy-Victoria Maurice, along for the ride. Ralph tapped Maurice to style her most recent The Hollywood Reporter cover shoot.

Ivy-Victoria Maurice’s Relationship With Her Mother

Maurice has been working on styling her mother’s looks for many events recently. Ralph has previously mentioned that Maurice first started off occasionally helping with outfits for big events. Once she noticed that she kept getting better and better, the two officially began working together. They work closely with young Black designers, including Maurice’s own brand, The House of Ivy, as well as Brandon Blackwood.

The pair have put together some iconic looks and now Maurice finally has a magazine cover on her resume.

Ralph’s THR Cover

Sheryl Lee Ralph joined a roundtable of comedy actresses for The Hollywood Reporter story. Some other names at the roundtable include Ayo Edebiri and Jenna Ortega. The group of women sat down and discussed the realities of the industry as women of all ages. Ralph shared many key moments from her life and how they have helped her develop into who she is today. She also touched on fame and how it can be dangerous if not handled properly. The actress likened fame to a machine.

“The more you rise to the top, there are more people who are going to tell you this and that and how you can be,” Ralph told The Hollywood Reporter. “If you don’t have a firm foundation of who you are in this industry, it will eat you up. One day, you might look in the mirror and not know who the hell you’re looking at. I’ve seen that happen over and over. But then I’ve also realized fame frees people up to be exactly who they are. So, for me, as a grown-ass woman, it’s about knowing who I am.”