Danessa Myricks Beauty is known for its spell-binding, ethereal cosmetic products. And now the brand is adding a new eyeshadow palette that is sure to leave the girls in awe.

The Lightwork Volume IV – Transcendence Palette is the “fourth installment to the eponymous beauty brand’s best-selling palette series.” And it’s designed for everyone from the expert makeup artiste to the beginner that is still striving to master the perfect eyeshadow blend.

This eyeshadow palette features 14 color-shifting shades that can be used all over the face. Eight shades are available in a velvet chrome finish, which is described as “ultra-chromatic, color-shifting velvety smooth powders.”

Two shades are available in pressed chrome flakes, which are described as “a pressed cream, ultra-metallic, multi-tonal formula.”

Another two shades are available in a glass metallic finish, which is described as  “ultra-reflective, dazzlers with a glass-like shine.”

And the last two shades are available in an aqua chrome finish which is described as “water activated, smudge-proof, vivid duo-chrome pigments.”

Check out the shades below!

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Danessa Myricks Beauty 

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Danessa Myricks Beauty

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Danessa Myricks Beauty

According to an exclusive press release, the brand is also launching the Chrome Amplifiers seven-piece set. Which is a “sleek collection of silicone tip applicators to amplify the palette’s unique textures to reach their fullest potential” and “propel easier makeup application.”

“Transcendence is beyond motivation; it’s true evolution; where our normal limits and boundaries fade away, so we may break through to universal flow and creativity,” says Danessa Myricks. “I designed this palette to inspire you to transcend beauty boundaries and create with every ounce of your potential.” 

“The new palette retails for $125 (USD) and $170 (CAD). Products will be available for purchase on September 13, 2022, at danessamyricksbeauty.com and sephora.com and at Sephora stores starting Sept. 23, 2022. 

The Chrome Amplifiers 6-piece Set will also be available on Sept. 13, 2022, for purchase, and will retail for $15 (USD). For the first 24 hours on September 13, 2022, any purchase of the Lightwork Vol. IV Palette will come with a free gift of the 6-piece set (while supplies last).”