For that special person in your life who's all about meditation, aromatherapy, and carrying around healing crystals, exploring different wellness practices isn't just a trend — it's a lifestyle. This holiday season, give your wellness friend or loved one a sentimental gift we know that they will love! 

Earth n' Magic is an au natural self-care, Black-owned brand designed to heal the mind, body and soul. True to the ever-inspiring stories that surround #BlackGirlMagic, founder Umi Mahuy built her company from the ground up to craft handmade, holistic products filled with ingredients from good ol' Mother Earth. After speaking with Umi, she asked 21Ninety to share this quote with her fellow female counterparts:

Sistahs, we are capable of extraordinary things. No doubt about it. We respond gracefully to life by sharing the art of self-care. Our hair, our skin, our beautiful souls testify to the power of self-love. My passion for healing and holistic living stems from knowledge of self. Knowledge that I, yes we, have been endowed with a magic that can remedy anything, mind, body, and soul. This is true empowerment and why I do what I do, to share the magical art of self-love. 

Check out some of Earth n' Magic's self-care products below.

Organic Body Butter

Made with Unrefined Ivory Shea and Organic Mango Butter

Photo: Earth n' Magic

Lemongrass & Vanilla Organic Body Butter

Photo: Earth n' Magic

Activated Charcoal + Tea Tree Detox Cleansing Bar

Photo: Earth n' Magic

Rosemary + Spearmint Natural Handmade Soap

Photo: Earth n' Magic

Organic Mood & Memory Tea

Photo: Earth n' Magic

Flower Bomb, Lavender + Rose Bath Bomb

Photo: Earth n' Magic

To shop the complete self-care collection, visit Earth n' Magic's website here.

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