According to Breast Cancer Prevention Partners, African-American women have a 31% breast cancer mortality rate. Among young women under age 45, the cases of breast cancer are higher for African-American women than other racial groups.  

It’s for this reason that women of color should start and maintain better lifestyle habits so that we can reduce the risk.  

Other factors for breast cancer development in women of color include skin lighteners, acrylic nail treatments, and hair relaxers. Here are some breast cancer symptoms you might miss.

Your Nipples Appear or Look Different

If you sense a persistent hardness in one or both of your nipples, then you should be concerned.  This is because when cancerous tumors invade the breasts, your nipples might turn inward rather than outward as normal. 

If your nipples start discharging blood regularly, it might mean that you have early symptoms of breast cancer.  

Also, if you have a lot of pain in the breast or nipple area, you should visit your gynecologist for a mammogram.

Armpits Are Swelling

Your armpits are related to the breasts, and if you're dealing with constant swelling in the armpits, it could mean that the breast cancer traveled to your lymph nodes.  

Even if your armpits are not swelling but you're experiencing pain in them, it's a red flag.

Skin Rashes Near the Breasts

Skin rashes near the breasts are not always a sign of breast cancer, but if you have the rashes in addition to the previously mentioned symptoms, then this raises an alarm of concern. 

Frequent Back Pain or Headaches

You're asking, "What does this have to do with getting breast cancer?" Well, sometimes pain in these areas of your body could signal cancer although it isn't always the case.  

When tumors appear in a woman's breast, they create pressure on the ribs and spine. This leads to nagging back pain. 

Changes in Breast Size

Another potential sign of breast cancer is a change in breast size. Some women's breasts may differ from each other in size by nature, but if there is a substantial difference between the sizes suddenly, then this might be a cause for concern.

These signs should not be ignored if you're experiencing them on a consistent basis.