In every relationship, there comes a point where the initial excitement settles into a cozy routine. While comfort and familiarity can be beautiful things, it can also create a dynamic in a relationship where partners become complacent. Nobody wants to be in a boring relationship and rekindling the flame is crucial to a healthy partnership. Your man might be getting a little too comfy if you spot these signs and traits making their way into his routines.

Decline In Physical Appearance 

If his grooming routine has turned into a quick splash of water and a half-hearted attempt at combing his hair, he might be embracing comfort a bit too much. It’s cute when he’s cozy, but if he’s dressing like every day’s Netflix-and-chill night, it’s time to bring back the swag that attracted you to his daily wardrobe. Most times when people aren’t looking their best they aren’t feeling their best either. Be sure to ask your partner if there is anything they are stressed or concerned about that you can help with. Let him know you love his natural look, but a extra effort now and then keeps things spicy.

The Inside Game

Remember those date nights that used to make your heart race? If your partner’s idea of a night-out involves more Netflix and snacks than a cute restaurant or movie theater, it’s time for a heart-to-heart. Comfort shouldn’t mean the end of romance, so let him know you still crave those special moments together. You can even plan the first outing to set the tone and let your partner know that spending these intimate moments ensures the connection doesn’t turn into a boring relationship.

Curve In Communication

Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship. If your man’s “Good morning” and “How was your day” texts are slowly morphing into grunts and emojis, it’s time to raise an eyebrow. Comfort should breed openness, not silence. Remember that everything is not personal during these times even though it may feel uncomfortable. Have an open conversation about how you both can keep the lines of communication flowing. 

The Couch Conqueror

We all have our favorite spots, but if your man’s favorite spot happens to be the couch to the point where it’s becoming his permanent address, it’s time to intervene. Comfort is sweet, but an unbalanced life isn’t. Have an honest conversation about the goals he has set that he still needs to accomplish. Encourage him to explore new hobbies, hit the gym, or even join you in the kitchen for a fun cooking session.

Attention Woes

Do you remember those days when he couldn’t keep his eyes and hands off of you? If his attention now drifts more toward his phone screen than your captivating conversations, it’s time to raise a well-waxed eyebrow. Comfort shouldn’t mean tuning out; it’s about being present for each other. Have a heart-to-heart and remind him of the importance of fulfilling conversations. Remember to stay open to accepting what your partner has to say while also making your needs known.

The “Whatever” Syndrome

If his response to your suggestions, plans, and even discussions is a nonchalant “whatever,” he might be getting too comfortable in his world. Remember, a relationship involves both partners intentionally and actively engaging and respecting each other’s thoughts and feelings. Let him know you value his input and expect the same in return.

Comfort is a beautiful thing in relationships, but it shouldn’t be mistaken for complacency. As women who deserve the best, it’s important to keep the flame alive by making sure our partners don’t lose sight of the effort that keeps love exciting and fresh. So, the next time you catch your man sliding a bit too far into his comfort zone, give him a gentle nudge back toward the magic that makes your love story unique.