The winter was great to us. We were able to wear our freshly pressed tresses for more than a day.

We indulged in the sleekness our bountiful coils presented us with after having themselves smoothed with heat. It was a gorgeous season with elevated cuts and looks. 

As spring ushered in the warm weather, many of us have returned to our no heat and low manipulation styles like our twists and braid outs. However some of our crowns have traded coils and curls for permanently heat- straightened hair. How dreadful?

We all know how we get here. We used heat to blow dry our hair straight followed by a few passes of the flat iron or marcels.

We then continue to touch up our hair at home or frequent the salon the following week. Parts of our crown reverts while other parts lay limp. The twist out will never be the same.

No matter what anyone tells you, once your tresses are heatlaxed there is no reverting or repair. It may be frustrating, but it’s not the end of the world. There are some alternative things you can do to achieve the curls you want.

Cut It Off

Yes, getting a good hair cut will eliminate the heatlaxed tresses, but it can alter your shape and length. That could be a potential issue if you are not ready to lose your length for the sake of curls. You have options.

Use Flexi Rods

If cutting is not for you, try flexi rods. Flexi Rods offer smooth voluminous curls that cover the line of demarcation between natural curl patterns and heatlaxed hair.


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Try Perm Rods

If you’re looking for that definition a good twist out gives, but your ends won’t curl like they need to, use perm rods. Two-strand twist your hair or flat twists your hair like normal. Towards the end of each twist, add the perm rods. Sit under the dryer and voila you have a popping twist out when you style your hair.

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Get A Protective Style

Stay away from using continued heat and try a protective style such as braids or soft locs. This gives your hair an opportunity to grow further so you do not have to worry about cutting the damaged or heatlaxed part off immediately.

Continue With Your Hair Care Regimen

What ever you do, continue to care for your hair. Cleanse and hydrate your hair accordingly. Maintain the health of your hair as you transition between styles to blend your now various textures.