There’s nothing more frustrating than finally getting your hairstyle just right, only a scrunchie to put a massive dent in your hair. To prevent that from ever happening again, use silk and satin scrunchies. These hair ties don’t catch onto your curly hair.

Rougher fabrics can get caught in your hair. And woven scrunchies have just enough room for your curls to slide through. That will cause your hair to tangle, so when you take your hair out of your scrunchie, you might have to kiss a few strands goodbye as you rip it out of your head. So, try silk and satin scrunchies to save your natural hair and protective styles from dents, tangles, and damage. 

Pattern Beauty By Tracee Ellis Ross Satin Scrunchies – 3 Pack

Photo Courtesy of Pattern Beauty By Tracee Ellis Ross

This 3 Pack of Pattern Beauty By Tracee Ellis Ross Satin Scrunchies is your daily workhorse. These XL scrunchies are made of a polyester nylon blend that feels silky smooth. Best of all, they can stretch far enough to wrap around voluminous curls, twists, and braids. Use them to help keep your pineapple style in place – day or night. 

Kitsch & Disney Pillow Scrunchies – 2 Pack

Kitsch is always coming out with a new collaboration. One of the most recent is the Kitsch & Disney Pillow Scrunchies – 2 Pack. Each of the two scrunchies is a different color. There’s a neutral soft rose bronze and a cream scrunchie with a pattern of rose Disney princess crowns. The pillow scrunchie is famous for being oversized, so you can use it to tie up your jumbo knotless braids without a snag.

Slip Slipsilk Skinny Scrunchies

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

Slipsilk Skinny Scrunchies are a fan-favorite set of silk scrunchies. Designed to never leave a crease, these are small enough to wrap around your silk press when you just need to get your luscious hair out of your face. But they are stretchy enough to wrap around your natural hair after a thorough wash day.

Best of all, these hair ties come in seven colors – each inspired by a natural hair color. There’s even a gray option. That way, no matter what your natural hair color is – or the color you choose to install – there’s a higher chance of finding a neutral that works with your style.

SUTHIA Satin Scrunchies – 60 Pack

Photo Courtesy of Amazon

If you love color and are constantly losing your scrunchies, check out SUTHIA’s Satin Scrunchies – 60 Pack. These satin scrunchies come in 52 colors, broken down into 12 different color themes with five colors per theme. Pink, orange, neon, pastel, blush, purple, blue, green, neutral, and winter are the multi-color or multi-shade themes. And you’ll get a stack of five black and five white scrunchies.

No matter which color you rock for the day, you’re getting a durable hair tie that claims to stretch up to eight inches wide. That way, your faux locs can stay put while you take your self care walks.

Blissy Silk Scrunchies – 3 Pack

Photo Courtesy of Blissy

Blissy’s Silk Scrunchies – 3 Pack is a great gift to give yourself or someone you care about. They come in a sturdy magnetic-close giftable box. They come in 43 colors and patterns.

This pack of three scrunchies is made of 100 percent 22-Momme 6A Grade Mulberry Silk that is Oeko-Tex® Certified as eco-friendly and non-toxic to wear. Plus, they can go to the washing machine to clean them. Since these are made with high quality silk, they are as smooth as can be. So these Blissy scrunchies won’t tug, pull, or tangle in your hair.

WILLBOND Satin Hair Scrunchies – 24 Pack

WILLBOND’s Satin Hair Scrunchies – 24 Pack is a set that will work with any hairstyle you decide to wear. Why? Because you’re getting a mix of small and large satin scrunchies. So, when you’re wearing a more sleek style, like your pin-straight human hair wig, you can tie up your hair without creating a dent. But when you need to get your natural afro out of your face, the large size will be there for you, too. This 24-pack comes in the pictured neutral colors and seven other colors and patterns.

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