You know how versatile type 4 hair is, but sometimes you get tired of the same hairstyles every week.  You want to keep your styles simple but still add some pizzazz to your look.  If you can, visit a natural hair stylist in your area to get ideas on how certain styles might look on you.  Browse on natural hair boards on Pinterest and look through natural hair magazines for inspiration.  Here are some neat style ideas for your type 4 hair.

Finger Coils

Although this hairstyle might take close to two hours to create, they can last a few days, and they look amazing on those with type 4 hair.  Start by washing your hair with shampoo and conditioner, then detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb.   Part your hair in sections and apply moisturizer from the roots to the ends of your hair.  From there, you would twirl your hair around your finger until the style is completed.  Then sit under a hooded dryer for 45 minutes to an hour.

Mini Afro

If you have short natural hair, a mini Afro is a simple and fabulous way to look good during the workweek.  Be sure to apply oils and moisturizing cream to your Afro periodically to keep moisture in your hair and prevent breakage.  At night, wear a satin bonnet as this protects the Afro and reduces excess dryness in your hair overall.  

Cornrows with Buns at the End

This is a stylish hairstyle that is also easy to maintain for a few days. Add some beading to the end of the cornrows near the buns for a more dazzling look.  Cornrows give your hair a regal flair, and they're versatile. 

Crown Braid

To achieve this hairstyle, part your hair on your left or right side.  Add some edge control gel to your edges and add a little pomade to your part.  The next step would be to do a regular braid on one side of your hair until you get to the back section of your hair.  Then braid the other side of your hair before crossing both braids together and pinning them in place.  

In conclusion, these neat hairstyles will make you look amazing all week long.