The skinny shot has gained traction amongst TikTok searches, garnering millions of views, as getting skinny has become a lot more accessible and faster to accomplish. According to health experts, “the skinny shot,” also known as “Ozempic” or “Wegovy,” is a new monicker for semaglutide shots often prescribed to folks diagnosed with diabetes.

It helps to control their glucose levels while also causing them to lose weight as a result. Instead of this shot being exclusive to those battling insulin deficiencies and/or diabetes complications, it’s merely an order away at many local drugstores. With increased accessibility to weight loss, a process that is healthiest when accomplished over time, Dr. Mitra Dutt of Lloyds Pharmacy gives deeper context on the meaning and impact of the skinny shot. 

What Is The Skinny Shot?

Skinny shots have not always described semaglutide injections. They once were another term for B12 vitamin shots. These shots also contributed to weight loss by increasing metabolism and suppressing appetite. The main ingredients of this lipotropic injection are amino acids and B vitamins in combination with other helpful compounds. Similarly, semaglutide injections are the modern skinny shots. They mirror the behavior of GLP-1 which tells the body to make more insulin and lowers blood sugar. With lowered blood sugar and a suppressed appetite, those prescribed the shots experience weight loss at faster speeds. So does it actually work and how much do people typically lose?

The Skinny Shot: Does It Work?

Dr. Mitra Dutt clarifies in an interview that semaglutide injections are not miracle workers. Weight loss still requires effort outside of the shot. She describes a well-balanced diet and exercise as the keys to losing weight healthily and successfully. Wellness clinics who prescribe the injection have reported between a 20 and 40 lb. weight loss amongst their patients. The extra pounds that folks were packing on and struggling to get off disappeared. Close to four months after the study, 75% of the participants lost between 15% and 20% of their body weight. In none of these cases do health experts recommend taking the injections for any other reason besides a diabetes diagnosis. Still, the skinny shot has been reported to decrease the risk of cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.

With benefits like this, it’s no wonder people are causing shortages amongst those who actually need it, but what impact is it having on those who swear by its weight loss efficiency? 

Skinny Shot Side Effects

The ironic fun fact is that semaglutide injections aren’t for everyone. Folks with diabetes must usually have a BMI of 30 or more. If it falls below 30, those patients are only considered if they have asthma or osteoarthritis. While the body mass index measurement scale remains problematic for excluding non-white ethnicity as a determining factor, the health conditions associated with this BMI range is what requires attention. In any case, common side effects include nausea, fatigue, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, dehydration, hair loss and kidney damage. Despite the range of minor to severe side effects, shortages are still impacting those with diabetes around the world. It’s also causing the black market to be filled with fakes of the semaglutide injections which increases the number of side effects that the receiver could develop.

Dr. Dutt describes it as “human nature” to want to cut corners for any process especially when linked to appearance and instant gratification. Still, in these cases, she recommends that folks not focus on speed, but health especially when it’s negatively impacting the health of those whose health conditions could benefit from the injection. We encourage anyone who is interested in losing weight or trying semaglutide injections to consult with their doctor. Practicing safety when it comes to our health is a matter of preservation and you deserve to live life happily and healthily.