We spend a significant part of our lives working to make a living. Work is important because it helps us fulfill obligations, take care of ourselves, and handle some of life’s hurdles.

If you have been thinking of ways to move up at work, or simply elevate your status or influence within a work setting, here are some tips that may be helpful. This list does not only apply to people who are working in traditional jobs. Yet, those who are entrepreneurs or gig workers, may also benefit from these tips.

Be Consistent

There is something very appealing about consistency. If you are in a particular career field, it is important to stay consistent. Some of the most successful people have become influential because they stayed consistent and took the time to also hone their craft while doing so.

In many ways, consistency is two-fold. It is possible to be consistent while doing the bare minimum until pay day, but it is far more rewarding to be consistent while working toward mastering a career niche.

Snag That Promotion: Here's How To Move Up At Work
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While a certain type of networking is not for everyone, there are many personality-friendly ways to network. For example, if your manager or boss is close to a Vice President at your company, ask for an introduction after you have built a level of rapport. It is almost always easier to have someone you already know introduce you.

In our current reality, remote meetings and ‘virtual coffees’ are much more common, and that is an excellent medium to take advantage of while networking.

Snag That Promotion: Here's How To Move Up At Work
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Add Value

The process of getting ahead often requires sacrifices and being seen, overall. In any industry, it is important to strike a balance between overextending yourself, and going above and beyond. There are a few ways to strategically add value in your work setting by volunteering often and being proactive by giving suggestion to your boss about how to effectively streamline a process. While adding value is a key ingredient in getting ahead, it also needs to be authentic and well presented.

Snag That Promotion: Here's How To Move Up At Work
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Work With Time And Strategy

Strategy and time are two key ingredients in every success story. While it is important to have a goal in mind, it is even more crucial to have an active strategy and time frame on how to achieve that goal. Without an awareness of how long it will take you to accomplish your goal, you might run the risk of running in circles, which is ultimately counterproductive.

Snag That Promotion: Here's How To Move Up At Work
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Seek Knowledge

Only when we know better, can we do better. The internet has made information easily accessible and has become a portal for self improvement. No matter what career path you want to pursue, taking time to expand on the knowledge you already have can boost your confidence and prepare you for the great things that are ahead of you.

Also, many times, not knowing enough can potentially cost you money and opportunities. So gather all the information that you can about your niche, and keep learning.

Snag That Promotion: Here's How To Move Up At Work
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Avidly Dream

The journey up the success ladder can get murky, hard and discouraging sometimes, but don’t let it get to you. Becoming discouraged can cause you to lose sight of the big picture and ultimately abandon your mission.

Even as you pursue better opportunities, keep your dreams and aspirations alive and find solace in the fact that you are passionate about your job and actively taking steps to excel at it.