Spring is here and it’s time to step outside. With the heat rising, more activities are popping up and many of those include adult beverages. However, some individuals practicing sobriety may feel left out when much of the warm weather fun revolves around alcohol consumption.

Young, Black women are using social media to discuss the challenges and triumphs of sobriety. Sober curiosity is a trending lifestyle choice where people experiment with eliminating alcohol from their diets. Some are trying sobriety due to social anxiety, fasting, or to stabilize their mental state. Many people on social media have shared an over-reliance on alcohol or have noticed the health impacts consuming alcohol can cause.

If you’re sober curious or even ready for full on sobriety, there are ways to still enjoy the warmer, spring and summer days. While, it may feel as if alcohol is at the center of most activities, there are actually plenty of ways to entertain yourself without a cocktail. Here are some sober activities to consider.

Host A Mocktail Party

Being in a social setting can be difficult especially when everyone is celebrating with a drink in their hands. You might be tempted or overwhelmed by your peers having a great time. Thanks to some more recent advances in the mocktail industry, you don’t have to be empty-handed at social gatherings. Many companies now sell “zero proof” alternatives that taste quite similar to tequila, rum, and gin.

Also, natural supplements and medicinal plant extracts like “cava” can calm your nerves without feeling sick. Hosting a mocktail party is a great way to express your creativity without the pressures of breaking sobriety. Invite your besties over to guzzle a fresh “margarita” or “espresso martini” without the buzz.

Enjoy Your City’s Popular Landmarks

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There are many other ways to explore your city, or one you are visiting other than nightlife. Try researching your city’s rich history and visit historical and fun attractions. Daytime activities can be sober activities that are beneficial and give you time to explore old and new landmarks. Visit an art exhibit, a popular aquarium, or a walk in park.

Paint But Not Sip

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Painting is a therapeutic way to express your mind. Sip and Paint parties are now a cultural phenomenon in the Black community. These parties require a deposit to paint a subject with a glass of wine or cocktail. Don’t let these types of parties deter you from your artistic abilities. For those who enjoy painting, find a serene environment to paint and let your imagination drive you with every brush stroke. Want to make it a social activity? Invite a few friends over to paint and sip on some sparking water with fresh fruit included.

Enjoy A Pottery Class

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Pottery is a sober activity that can help you neglect the desire to drink. It is a hands-on activity that is sociable and relieves stress. Plus, pottery can help improve your mental stability and focus without a shot of alcohol. Let your hands guide you to design a masterpiece for your home. You’ll feel accomplished taking home your own creation.

Take A Solo Trip

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There is freedom in booking a flight and traveling by your lonesome. A solo trip is a great way to step outside your comfort zone and fulfill your interests. The pressure to drink will be greatly reduced as you will be in charge of your daily activities. Fill your trip with excursions and admiring views of a new city or country. Take charge of your time and decisions to travel the world. A solo trip enhances your ability to meet like minded people, build everlasting relationships, and capture great memories.