Soft launching a relationship involves giving social media followers a glimpse or teaser into the person they are dating. These sneak peeks reveal that there is someone special in your life, without sharing their identity.

Examples of these teasers include mirror pictures, where people can only see a person’s partner from the waist down. Another can be showing off only gifts that a person received from their significant other. For those who want to confirm their relationship status without making a big deal out of it, consider these additional reasons for why soft launching is a viable option.

Privacy For Couples

It is common for lovebirds to want to keep each other to themselves in the beginning. Soft launching helps to maintain the identity of the person, allowing an extended privacy for the new couple.

Whether its a picture of their partner’s hand or the shadow of the person, this form of privacy helps prevent unwarranted opinions from other people. Removing outside noise can help couples focus on themselves and develop their romance with one another without distractions. Soft launching allows partners to confirm their dating status and continue exploring their relationship privately.

Reduce Relationship Stress

In the current digital age, oversharing life updates is a common practice. Trying to balance not saying too much with the desire to say something can be overwhelming. The stress that comes from not wanting to cross online boundaries has the potential to cause tension in a relationship. For those reasons, soft launching works as a compromise to reduce social pressures. It also reaffirms to your partner that you’re proud to show them off. The subtle hints online give enough to tell followers that you’re off the market.

Keeps the Relationship Sacred

Every romantic video or picture does not have to be considered Instagram-worthy to post. Some things are better off staying between a couple. Savoring moments that only you and your significant other know about helps keep the love sacred. It also helps to stay present with your partner without feeling the need to document everything.