It is no secret Solange Knowles Ferguson is a lover of arts, music and free expression. The A Seat at the Table artist and Grammy-award winner has recently expanded her creative talents into the realm of interdisciplinary performance art. 

metatronia (metatrons cube) (2018) modular sculpture and performance piece

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Metatronia brings together dancing, music and a transportable cube-sculpture called Metatron’s Cube. Solange partnered with Uniqlo to breathe life into this vision.

Solange Uniqlo_006

PHOTO: Tyler Mitchell

The art piece currently resides at Los Angeles’ Hammer Museum, but Solange’s hope is reflective piece is given the opportunity to explore different landscapes. The purpose of the piece is said to “[explore] the process, and mapping of creation” while providing an exercise “on following the intuitive force that guides us, helping us to create space, and silence the mind to create the work.”

Through this project, she was also able to explore the connection between architecture and movement as a form of mediation; a combination not often thought of when considering centering one’s self. The serene dancers featured through the visual storytelling piece are reportedly dancers from California State University and their choreography was led by Gerald & Kelly and directed by Solange herself. 

Solange Uniqlo_007

PHOTO: Tyler Mitchell

In a statement published by Dazed, Solange shared why this piece is exciting yet different for her. “In the past I have designed my sets and sculptures to exist in relationship to my performance pieces,” she said in the statement. “I’m excited about transitioning into creating larger scale works that have the duality of existing as part of a performance and then as a standalone sculpture that can be engaged with by the public.”

Watch Solange and Uniqlo’s full visual piece here.