We’ve sure you’ve heard or seen the trend of women taking themselves on solo dates. Either your first reaction was drastic shock, or you may have wondered why you haven’t tried this yourself. 

Well, no matter what side of the fence you’re on, here are five reasons why you should start taking yourself on solo dates!

You Don’t Have To Wait On Anyone To Accompany You

Taking yourself on solo dates is great because you don’t have to wait for anyone else to be available to come with you. How many times have you had an activity that you wanted to try, or a place that you wanted to go, but you consistently haven’t been able to make the trip because you’ve been waiting on your friends to be free, or for them to even want to go themselves? Well, with solo dates the only person you need is you!

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It Builds Your Confidence

Stepping out alone can definitely be uncomfortable if you’re used to always stepping out with friends or your partner at your side. But trust us, it will get easier – and less awkward – over time and it will build your confidence. 

When you step out alone, it forces you to either be more deeply engaged with yourself, your thoughts and your feelings, or it may force you to branch out and meet new people. Both are certainly not bad options.

You Can Enjoy Your Time Without Feeling Rushed

How many times have you stepped out somewhere with a friend or with your partner and felt rushed? Like the person you’re with just isn’t enjoying the activity that you both are engaged in, or they just aren’t feeling the scenery? Even if you’re enjoying yourself and having a good time, it makes you feel like you have to spend up your enjoyment just to get this person out of there – and nobody likes that. 

Stepping out alone allows you to stay on your own schedule. Want to spend five hours shopping? That’s fine. Want to stay in the movie theater and sit through three movies? That’s fine. Or do you want to spot-hop from place to place at your leisure? Well, the choice is yours when you’re on your solo date. 

It Shows You How To Enjoy Your Own Company

Stepping out alone also shows you how to enjoy the company of yourself. As humans, we need social interaction and it can become a large part of our day to day. From work, to social outings, to being at home with loved ones – it’s easy to fill your time and environment with others. 

Sometimes it’s well needed to unplug and spend some quality time with yourself. What emotions and thoughts do you need to tap into? Are you happy with the direction of your life? Do you need to be more present in certain areas? Or do you even need to change the people around you? Well, taking that time out for yourself allows you to access all of that and become more of your own friend in the process.

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It Further Sets Boundaries For Your Interactions With Others

When you’re out on your solo date and you notice what a great time you’re having, that will set the standard for how you want your interactions and outings to be when you’re surrounded by other people. If you can have a great time by yourself, and surround yourself with positive energy when you’re alone then why would you want to be surrounded by negative energy when your wirth others? Why would you want excursions plagued by discomfort and people that just aren’t enjoying themselves like you are?

When you step on solo dates it really shows you the importance of boundaries and deciphering the company that you keep.