It’s so important for us to consume water. Our bodies are three-fourths water, and we’re supposed to drink eight glasses of water (or more!) each day. But it can be a little daunting to get enough water every day, especially for those of us who live in cities where the tap water is…iffy. I live in Los Angeles after living in Philly and Washington, D.C. — all cities with reputations for not-so-great tap water. So, over time, I learned which bottled waters to go for and which to leave on the shelf. Check out some of the best and worst bottled water brands to drink. 

Store brand 


One my personal bottled water favorites is the store brand. It’s clean, simple and it’s usually the most cost-effective option. It’s not going to have added minerals or vitamins like some of the brand-name bottled waters. But it tastes fine, and it can be bought in large quantities, which I personally appreciate since I can go through a pack of 24 16-oz bottles in a few days.



When tested for its pH level, Aquafina came up acidic. This means that although you can drink it, it’s not preferable. A better option is a water that’s neutral or basic. 



Like Aquafina, Dasani is acidic. It won’t kill you if you drink it, but it’s not the best. 



Similar to Dasani and Aquafina, Voss is also acidic. Try to pick a more neutral bottled water if you can. 



Smartwater is one of my personal favorites! It’s pH level is pretty neutral, so it’s a nice, safe choice. It also has “distilled minerals” added, so it’ll give you a nice mineral boost. 



Evian is apparently one of the best bottled waters out there. Its pH level is neutral, so it’s a great choice, and people seem to love it — my friend once told me her mom washed her face with Evian when she didn’t have access to clean tap water! But it's on the expensive side, so it’s usually not my water of choice. 



Essentia is by far my favorite bottled water. It comes in large 1-liter or 1.5-liter bottles that I can buy in bulk packs of twelve or more from Amazon. But its pH is extremely basic — a 9.5 on the pH scale — because it’s an ionized alkaline water. So if ensuring your water is neutral is a big concern for you, Essentia might not be the right choice.  



This is another solid bottled water choice. But, similar to Essentia, Fiji tests as basic on the pH scale, so if that’s a concern then steer clear. 

Tap water 


Even with all the bottled water brands out there, tap water is still, by far, the best water to drink. If you’re able to consume the tap water in your area, do it. It’s the most neutral water and it’s already paid for (you might as well use the water you pay for in your utilities!). The tap water in Los Angeles is not amazing, so I mitigate this by using a Brita filter to minimize the need to purchase bottled water. 

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you consume plenty of water each and every day. So, no matter which water you choose, feel good that you’re getting in your daily H2O. 

Do you have favorite kind of bottled water? Share your faves with us!