Isobel Beardshaw, better known as Izzy Bizu, is a 24-year-old Ethiopian-British singer with a voice that matches her flair.

At the beginning of this year, the songstress became the face of Cacharel’s fragrance, Yes I Am, a fragrance that embodies women’s empowerment and celebrates the independence of girls all over the world. In an interview with V Magazine, Bizu addressed her love of France and its significance to her song “White Tiger” which is used in the fragrance’s advertisement video.

"I actually finished the song in Paris. It’s a great connection. And then [the brand] asked me to be the ambassador for their perfume. It’s really cool because it reminds me of that time. The perfume is sweet. It’s spicy. I feel like you can put on a couple of sprays and you don’t need to put it on again. It’s pretty carefree. So it’s super cool. Really nice hints of raspberry and cardamom."

Bizu also shared with Byrdie that the Cacharel fragrance reminds her of an Ethiopian tea her mom frequently makes.

"It smells very sweet but strong. When I smell it, I instantly think of that."

Before wrapping with Byrdie, the up-and-coming artist revealed a few of her beauty secrets for us all to learn from:


PHOTO: Vertex Magazine

Bizu admits she didn’t always embrace her curls, in fact, she recalls her mom throwing away her straighteners because she warned it was bad for Bizu’s hair and would break it off.

"It’s the best thing she's ever done because I'd go over my hair with a flat-iron at least twice a day. I was really upset she did that — but then she was like you'll thank me later. She was right."

Now, she flaunts her golden curls proudly and makes sure she gives her hair the attention it deserves. At night, she brushes her hair out to avoid it being matted in the morning and puts it into two “French plaits” to preserve it while she sleeps. She proceeded to emphasis the importance of moisturizing your hair properly.

"Having a spray water bottle and mixing olive oil and coconut oil is really good for my hair. I use a lot of cream-based products. It’s really important to put cream in your hair before oil because it hydrates your hair way more."


PHOTO: IzzyBizu

For the long, strenuous days on tour, Bizu relies on a tea-mixture of peppermint, fresh ginger, lime, honey, and whiskey to strengthen her voice each time before taking hits the stage.


PHOTO: Zimbio

You can’t go wrong with a homemade face scrub, and Bizu shares that sentiment. She uses everyday household items like coffee and coconut oil to maintain her radiant skin.

"I scrub my skin with ground coffee and water. I leave it on my face for a while—it feels very good and it’s cheap. Then, I layer on a thick cream. I've got quite dry, thin skin. I use coconut oil, but not when it’s too hot, and only in the evenings. My biggest secret is drinking loads of water and lots of sleep. How you treat your body reflects in your skin."

Bizu is on the fast-track to becoming a household name and was recently named the new face of H&M Divided Music’s global campaign.

“Not only does Izzy have a beautiful voice, but her personality is fun, feisty and down-to-earth, which makes her the ideal frontwoman for this H&M Divided Music collection. The preppy pieces have that flirty, feminine edge, which feels cheerful and most importantly, looks modern,” Pernilla Wohlfahrt, H&M’s Design Director, said in a company press release.

Izzy Bizu is a name –  and face –  to watch! And we can't wait to follow her journey. 

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