1. This past Summit 21 2019 in Atlanta was a huge success! So much so that we have to keep the party going, sis. As we gear up for an encore of Summit 21 this October in Los angeles, we proudly will feature the many dope #BossWomen who know what it takes to be a thriving entrepreneur. 
Spiritual Director, Dr. Crystal Jones, strongly advocates in the importance of discovering foundational healing and transformational breakthroughs in the Black community. Too often our society wants us Black women to believe that we are broken and incapable of healing ourselves. Not true, fam. With the help of God-sent women like Dr. Jones, we possess the power to recenter ourselves and communicate self-love into our everyday lives.

Check out our exclusive interview with Dr. Crystal Jones below:

  1. 21Ninety: How did you discover your path towards healing others? What inspired you to create a community movement dedicated to self-love and internal-liberation? 

Dr. Crystal Jones: I am very particular about the use of ‘healing others’ as I believe that term creates a certain level of superiority that I find disempowering. When I chose to take responsibility of allowing myself to be fully revealed, I allowed the seed inside of me to be fully expressed. I committed to joy and ease. As I chose my commitments and moved authentically, I noticed that others allowed themselves to fully express. That’s what I believe healing to be. While I was in private practice for years, I noticed the pattern of people releasing, to me, their power to heal because of my credentials. I allowed this awareness to trigger me into cultivating a community that centered radical vulnerability, revelation and presence as primary healing modalities. 

Photo: Dr. Crystal Jones

21N: For Black women striving to improve their mental health, what can they expect to gain by attending your workshops and sessions? How do you structure your sessions and tailor them to each individual?

DCJ: I structure Sanctuary to be a brave space. We create containers of radical vulnerability, revelation and presence that allow for the art of witnessing to prevail. We are fully presenced in the space and connect to the Divinity that exists in the container that we create. My experience with mental health is that allowance opens many doors for emergence. We often ask the question, “what is here to emerge through me” and “will I allow it”. I have a knowing that everyone that comes to the space is there by Divine Appointment. With that knowing, the healing process for every individual is to them as they allow it. We acknowledge any resistance to it and deem that as holiness as well.

Photo: Dr. Crystal Jones

21N: What daily affirmations do you say to yourself to keep you committed to self-love and self-healing?

DCJ: I am that I am.

21N: What has been the most rewarding aspect — as an entrepreneur — since launching your career?

DCJ: The most rewarding aspect of my career is truly being able to witness people consciously shift their paradigm from brokenness to Wholeness. Seeing people acknowledge their Perfection as they release the need to strive for it is pure joy. 

21N: What are you looking forward to at this year’s Summit 21? What do you hope to gain as a speaker while attending the event? 

DCJ: I am looking forward to co-creating a space of conscious liberation. I look forward to the vulnerability and presence that offers the outbreath of ease. I look forward to being with people in all of our holiness. 

Photo: Dr. Crystal Jones

21N: Do you have any final words of advice or encouragement for Black women on their healing journey towards self-love and self-acceptance?

DCJ: Ask yourself these questions often: What is here for me now? What desires to emerge through me? Will I allow it to be here? What is my resistance?

Darling, there is a seed inside of you, it knows what to do.

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