Whether it’s because the two of you simply aren’t compatible or a toxic turn of events caused the split, our exes have an interesting way of remaining with us in our conscious and subconscious minds. Think of a dream for instance. Dreaming of an ex is the perfect example that there might be some hidden emotional and physical areas in the relationship that may need some more healing, especially if you experienced emotional or physical abuse during the relationship. All in all, dreaming of an ex is fairly common and can have a variety of meanings that may be trying to get your attention. From angels to ancestors, dreaming of an ex spiritually can signify that the universe is trying to tell you something. And though communicating with the divine isn’t always the most accessible form of communication, understanding the spiritual symbolism of our dreams is critical to having a healthy relationship with ourselves and others. Ahead, we discuss what dreaming of your ex can mean spiritually and all you need to know.

Wanting to communicate in real life

If you recently dreamed of an ex and want some answers as to why, chances are that your ex wants to communicate with you in real life, especially if things ended badly. If you two shared a close bond, there are definitely some physical entanglements that can result in both partners picking up on the other’s energetic signals. The reason why this happens is that when we think of someone with such high emotional frequency, we tend to attach a lot of energy to the other person, resulting in us having dreams about an ex and essentially wanting to speak in real life.

They miss you and want to communicate

If your ex is missing you, chances are that this may be why they appear in a dream. Picking up on telepathic messages means that you’re most likely empathetic to each other’s energy. So pay attention to your emotions here, whether you’re randomly sad, anxious or even depressed, this can be their way of letting you know that they miss you and their life isn’t the same without you in it.

The universe wants you guys to reunite

Sometimes, the universe separates us from our ex because there may be some more internal healing that needs to be done before the two of you can get back together again. Separation is not always permanent, and in many cases, it’s divinely orchestrated to help both partners grow and evolve in the ways that are needed to make a relationship actually work. Pay attention to the signs as this can be a great indicator of what’s to come next.

Unresolved issues and wanting closure

If a relationship ended badly, closure was probably the last thing you might have received during a breakup. Was it rushed? or perhaps, impulsive? Wanting to resolve this and other unresolved issues is always a part of the healing journey and can sometimes leave us feeling depressed. If you’ve recently had a dream that involved your ex, this can mean that you weren’t given an opportunity to share your perspective on things or hear the other person out.

Losing yourself in a relationship and wanting fulfillment

It’s so easy sometimes to lose sight of ourselves in relationships which is why having our own goals, hobbies, and aspirations is critical to making things work. If you’ve been dreaming of an ex lately and are feeling unfulfilled or felt like you might have lost yourself in the past, chances are that your ex might have not met all of your needs in the areas that you really needed them to and are wanting to resolve a past relationship.

The breakdown

Having dreams about an ex sometimes isn’t always a fun thing as it can bring back some unhealed trauma and negative feelings that have us questioning our past. No matter how things might have ended, dreaming of an ex can signify a variety of things, which is why it’s important to pay attention to universal messages to help us decipher the ones that are meant for us.

To help decode the dream and its meaning, keep a dream journal to track the specifics of each dream you have. You may even try physicalizing the dream through painting a picture, planting a flower or a variety of activities. The important thing to do is a small gesture that has significance to you and can be attached to the dream. This will help cement the dream and its meaning in the physical realm to move on from it or honor its meaning and advice.