Spring is the perfect time for switching up your usual nail design for something new.

As the warmer months approach, it’s time to try a design other than a French tip. While French tips are reliable and match almost any outfit, there’s more to nail art than the classic design. Heading into a new season is about trying different things and being more adventurous. 

Expand your creativity with these five unique nail designs trending this spring.

Kaleidoscopic Pastels

Spring is about showing off pastel colors. This kaleidoscopic design fits into that color scheme. Prepare to mix and match the soothing colors, as this nail art allows for more than one shade to be combined.

3D Neon Decor

Dark nail colors are no longer in season, as neon tints are finding their way back into popularity. Although neon colors stand out with their bright palette, adding dimension takes the design up a notch. Stand out more with these trending 3D nail designs taking over the Internet.

Aurora Design

Springing into action is this fresh, new nail art that is striking to the eye at first glance. Although it resembles the past glazed donut trend, aurora nails add a pop of color that is perfect for springtime and summer. Some people match it to their crystal or chakra colors for an extra layer of uniqueness. 

Mismatched Manicure

Consider painting one hand differently than the other for an out-of-the-box nail design. Starting with a solid is an easy way to ease into the unique style. However, opting for different checkered prints or graphics makes the style more eye-catching than it already is.

Floral Prints

Flowers are starting to bloom again as the weather gets warmer. This fun, flirty nail design can be applied to all or specific fingers. This feminine addition is so simple, but it flows with the transition into the new season.