Ahead of midterm elections in November, politician Stacey Abrams graces Essence Magazine’s October digital cover.

Democratic politician and activist Stacey Abrams is looking to make history as she campaigns to become the first ever Black women governor in US history. Abrams nearly made this accomplishment back in 2018 but lost to Republican Brian Kemp, who’s the current governor of Georgia.

In the 2020 presidential election, Abrams and her organization Fair Fight Action played a crucial role in helping Joe Biden win over the typically red state of Georgia. With her organization, she also helped to monitor and make sure voter practices were fair across other swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and North Carolina.


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Essence

Abrams discusses in her cover interview for Essence the importance of the Black community selecting the right political candidates.

“We must elect candidates who see us, hear us, represent us, and have a commitment to passing legislation that ensures our communities have the opportunity to thrive,” she says.

This is why she hopes to dispel some of the negative notations that Black voters have on the power of their vote.

“You may not win with your vote every time, but you make them work for it every time, she says on the importance of Black voter turnout. “That’s the point. If somebody’s got to work for something, they’re not going to be as mean to you as they were. They’re not going to ignore you the way they do.”

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Essence

At the core of Abrams, campaign run is her commitment to protecting abortion rights and her economy plan for Georgia that invests in its citizens. 

The Georgia politician hopes to lean on her faith as she prepares for her big showdown at the polls next month. 

“[My parents] always reminded us that our faith should be a shield to protect and not a sword to strike down, she says. “This belief still guides me today as I fight to ensure that Georgians of all backgrounds are seen [and] heard.”